The Psychic View – A Telling Encounter

By Marjorie Young

I have reflected more than once on the topic of crossing paths with the ‘right person at the right time’ and the intricate ramifications that may then result. As I write this on New Year’s morning, I’ll be exploring another such event…something featured on today’s holiday newscast. Coincidentally, I’d been pondering the subject of my column, but this story removed all doubt from the equation.

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Going to the game? Don’t forget your gun

Fear, hubris, adrenaline, high velocity impact, libations, and glory: all the hallmarks of the Great American Sport. Indeed, and of course, what would all this be without the opportunity to carry into the stadium your favorite 9-millimeter pistol Dad bought you for Christmas?

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Amanda's View: “Spring Breakers”

By Amanda Knox

When Chris mentioned this great film we should watch called “Spring Breakers,” I made a face. The title brought to mind an easy, lewd, slap-stick romantic-comedy, like “Bridesmaids” or “Wedding Crashers” except, instead of a dirtied-up wedding, it’d be a cleaned-up episode of “Girls Gone Wild.” Not a bad genre of film, seeing as films like that seem to entertain a lot more people than they bore, and find reiteration year after year. But certainly not my piece of cake.

But seeing as Chris and I had been pleasantly surprised by the ingenious meta-comedy of “Dave and Tucker Vs. Evil” just last week, I decided to trust Chris and give “Spring Breakers” a shot. Sure enough, it was a film that followed four young hotties clad in candy-colored bikinis hell-bent on partying hard, playing rough, and letting loose on a criminal rampage. But while this log-line describes the kind of film I typically HATE, “Spring Breakers” is now one of my favorite films EVER.

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