Marjorie Young

The Psychic View – What Dreams Are Made Of

By Marjorie Young

Dreams have fascinated us from the beginning. Traditionally, profound importance was attached to them, and any who might successfully interpret their hidden meaning came to be highly regarded. In the Old Testament, Joseph, a prisoner in Egypt, was appointed the Pharaoh’s chief advisor after solving the puzzle of that ruler’s perplexing visions. Abraham Lincoln, it is reported, dreamed of seeing himself in a coffin several days before his assassination. News stories have even told of those who have passed away, returning to loved ones in a dream with winning lottery numbers! But whether harbingers of things to come, or mere ‘noise’ from our subconscious, luminaries from Shakespeare to Freud have been endlessly fascinated by them.

I, like everyone else, dream nightly…while seldom recalling the details. Occasionally, however, I am visited by what I consider profound, ‘teaching dreams’ that allow me to learn something of intrinsic value. One very recent ‘vision’ had a particularly resonant impact.

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It’s time to stop walking and start running to complete the Burke-Gilman Trail

By Ed Feeley

The Burke-Gilman Trail is the crown jewel of our regional trail system. Every day, thousands of people walk, run, bike and inline skate this multi-use trail connecting Bothell to Golden Gardens—well, everywhere on the trail except in one notable place.

Right here in Ballard, there is a big break in the Burke-Gilman Trail, well-known as the “Missing Link,” that runs from Fred Meyer to the Chittenden Locks.

For people who walk or skate, it’s no-man’s land along NW 45th Street, Shilshole Avenue NW and NW 54th Street (which is all gravel). But for people who bike, it has been incredibly dangerous. In a recent four year period, emergency vehicles responded to 45 bicycle crashes along NW 45th Street and Shilshole Avenue NW—mostly where railroad tracks cross NW 45th Street under the Ballard Bridge.

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Animal Treatment in the Food Industry

By Lucy Cavener

Animal treatment in factory farms is dangerous for humans, disastrous for our future, and unethical to the extreme. The way that factory farms raise their chickens, without light or space, injecting them with antibiotics and letting them live in their own waste, is immoral as well as damaging to the people who eat them. The disrepair that America’s food industry is currently in is an extremely important problem that the USA faces, and influencing the state of the factory farm production system is a good place to start fixing it.

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