The Psychic View - Actions and Reactions

By Marjorie Young

It is a universally acknowledged truth that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; this is known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion. While the realm of science is admittedly not my forte, proof of this hypothesis is evident all around us.

Several recent examples come to mind. In the small town of Victoria, Texas, the community’s only mosque was burned to the ground. The local rabbi, head of a congregation numbering no more than thirty, immediately handed over the keys to his synagogue to the Iman…allowing Muslims to still have a place to call home. The Christian community was not far behind, also offering their churches for prayer until the mosque could be rebuilt. Furthermore, a ‘Go Fund Me’ site was set up in to raise the required $850,000 to cover construction costs; within two days, well over a million dollars had poured in.

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Going to the game? Don’t forget your gun

Fear, hubris, adrenaline, high velocity impact, libations, and glory: all the hallmarks of the Great American Sport. Indeed, and of course, what would all this be without the opportunity to carry into the stadium your favorite 9-millimeter pistol Dad bought you for Christmas?

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Amanda's View: E-Prime

By Amanda Knox

Just under a year ago, my sister Delaney asked me to read and help edit her senior thesis project—an essay about her year volunteering at a local youth tutoring center. “You gotta help me, Amanda,” she pleaded. “I can’t use the verb to be.”

“That’s weird,” I said. English uses to be not only to define states of being, but also as an auxiliary verb, a necessary component of many verb conjugations. Without to be, light is neither a particle, nor a wave. Without to be, I will not be! I scowled. “That can’t literally be what your teacher wants. She probably just doesn’t want you to use passive voice, like, the milk was spilled, as opposed to, I spilled the milk.”
“No!” Delaney huffed. “I can’t use to be at all! I’ll get marked down! Help!”

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