Marjorie Young.

The Psychic View - 'Alien’ Thoughts

By Marjorie Young

An interesting thing happened as I prepared to write this month’s column. I ran the topic of ‘life out there’ by several friends. Their reaction took me by surprise. One responded with a cry of, “Ugh…Aliens! Can’t you write about healing or something instead?” Another greeted the idea with an embarrassed silence, followed by firm suggestions that I reconsider. Instead of discouraging me however, I found their feedback intriguing. Why should the proposition of life beyond our planet prove so unnerving?

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The Psychic View: A Squandered Life

By Marjorie Young

One recent news event captured my attention, proving at once both bizarre and distressing. A man in his seventies, living in a small Kansas town, attacked a Jewish Community Center, shooting down a grandfather and his fourteen-year-old grandson in the parking lot. He then headed to a nearby Jewish Assisted Living Facility, murdering a woman on the way to visiting her elderly mother. The motive for the slaughter was ‘killing Jews’…the shooter harboring a life-long hatred of anyone practicing that religion. To punctuate the issue, he shouted out pro-Nazi slogans while being hauled away by the police.

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Photo by Shane Harms
Three oil cars derailed under the Magnolia Bridge in southern Interbay.

New Year, New Common Sense Approach to Climate Change

By Lu Nelsen,, Center for Rural Affairs

Our nation spent nearly $7 billion responding to extreme weather in 2013. Events that endanger livelihoods nationally, and especially in rural and small town America. These destructive storms, devastating droughts, dangerous flooding and paralyzing winter weather highlight the need for action. We must confront threats that climate shifts pose to rural communities, and the nation.

The new year provides an opportunity to take commonsense steps to address carbon pollution, a major contributing factor to these threats. Currently, there is no limit on the amount of carbon pollution that American power plants can emit, but new rules from the Environmental Protection Agency would help limit these emissions.

Closing loopholes for high-polluting power plants is crucial to protect community health and our natural resources. Several other power plant by-products are limited, but carbon emissions have been overlooked, leaving the door open for some of the biggest polluters in the nation to get off scot-free.

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