Marjorie Young

The Psychic View: Comet Cleanser

By Marjorie Young

As someone who watches the news on a regular basis, it is truly a challenge not to be overwhelmed with the negative: murder, terrorism, plagues, scandal, inept or self-serving politicians, all endlessly on exhibit. It therefore came as a very welcome break in the non-stop gloom to learn of the landing of a space probe on a comet some three hundred ten MILLION miles from earth! What a staggering feat for the scientists and engineers of the European Union, as well as humanity in general. The ‘Rosetta’ spacecraft had been giving chase to the comet, known rather prosaically as ‘67P’, for ten years, yet was able to score a bulls-eye, setting down right on target. This is a first…if you discount the previous mission led by Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in the hit film ‘Armageddon!’

I found myself simply overjoyed; reveling in this mind-boggling tour de force by the inhabitants of earth. Yet we are of the very same clan that also delights in chopping off opponent’s heads or slaughtering rare and precious fellow creatures into extinction.

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Show off your holiday cheer with ugly holiday sweaters from local consignment shops

Ballard consignment stores are the place to find your ugly Christmas sweaters. Just imagine how dashing or cozy you will be with your family and friends drinking cider or eggnog wearing these ugly sweaters.

Both Ballard Consignment and Classic Consignment have a wide selection of the gaudiest looking sweaters around, ranging from $10 to $50. Their sweaters are stylish in the worst kind of way and were made as far away as Denmark, Taiwan and China. Hand knit, mass produced, relics from another era, Santa patches, Christmas trees, ect… these sweaters depict the essence of the holiday heart, cheer, decadence and awkward shamelessness.


Maja, at Classic Consignment, showing off a classic Danish wool sweater. The lucky customer to snare this sweater will turn heads and stomachs. During the holidays a fashion faux pas is reason enough for feasts, charity and cheer. This sweater will illicit jest wherever it goes…no matter what.

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Pat's View: “Black Friday”

by Pat Cashman

This is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year---although not for places that sell suntan lotion and flip-flops. This is Black Friday.

Except for the police. For them, it’s Joe Friday. (Thanks to my neighbor, Margie Walsh, for the preceding rather retro joke.)

Apparently the term ‘Black Friday’ started in Philadelphia some years ago, referring to the lousy and congested traffic that would happen in the “City of Brotherly Love” the day after Thanksgiving. (By that definition, Seattle now pretty much has Black Friday-through-Thursday, 365 days of the year.)
Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, retail businesses are said to be operating “in the red”---losing money. (This column has been operating in the red for some time.) But on the day after Thanksgiving, stores move into “the black”---when everything from automobiles to underwear sells like gangbusters.

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