Shane Harms
Over 20 SFD recruits after finishing most of their live burn training at a Ballard home May Upon completing their training the recruits will move on to a one-year probationary period in the operations section of SFD.

SFD completes new recruit live fire training in Ballard

All last week the Seattle Fire Department held training exercises for new recruits in a vacant Ballard home located at 2019 NW 64th Street.

After April 28, saws blasted, fires flared, hoses spewed and eager recruits practiced the skills that will one day save the lives of Seattle citizens.

Deputy Chief Phillip Jose said that the live fire training is an essential opportunity for the recruits to experience real fire scenarios in a controlled setting. He explained that some of these young recruits will more than likely face a real fire within the first 18 hours of being on the job.

“It gives the recruits a chance to practice fighting fire in a simulated but pretty close to real environment,” said Phillips. “The first time they see it (fire) they will be under the direct supervision of someone with experience, but you want to make sure the first time they see it — the first time they experience it — it isn’t a time when somebody’s life is directly in the balance.”

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Murray tours Ballard, talks affordability with locals

Mayor Ed Murray toured Ballard last Saturday April 25 and spoke with business owners and residents about issues in the community. Murray focused extra attention on housing affordability and public transportation in Ballard.

Residents and community leaders gathered at the Starbucks on NW Market Street and 20th Avenue NW to start the tour. Secret Gardens Bookstore, Hot Cakes and Ballard Health Club were just a few businesses Murray visited.

“So how’s business?” Murray asked owners.

Murray also asked owners what he could do to improve commerce in the community. Parking and rent affordability was a major issue mentioned by owners.

“It’s very important that the mayor is here today in Ballard to see what’s happening in the community and meet community leaders,” said Mike Stewart, Executive Director of the Ballard Chamber of Commerce.

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Democrats offer amendment to reduce tuition at all state colleges and universities

A proposed amendment to Senate Bill 5954, co-sponsored by Sen. David Frockt, D-Seattle and Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, would have reduced tuition by 5 percent for all students of public colleges and universities in Washington.

Today’s effort by Senate Democrats would have helped an additional 9,000 eligible students receive State Need Grants.

“This amendment is all about finding some sort of middle ground,” said Frockt. “Not only is this important for our community and technical college students, it’s important for our students attending independent colleges and universities. This bill ensures fairness for these students who otherwise would receive less financial aid under the current Senate budget proposal that eliminates $75 million for State Need Grant funding.”

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