Design option C for the Leary Hotel. Image courtesy of SDCI.

New hotel in Ballard to be named Leary Hotel, design details revealed

Developer responds to criticism

Plans for a new hotel in Ballard are drawing the attention of Balladites and details for what the new six-story hotel on Leary Avenue will look like were revealed at a recent design guidance meeting; plans show the building aspect will be keeping with the historic Ballard aesthetic.

Three design options were presented at the meeting at the end of October, and the Seattle Department of Construction Design Review Board preferred the developer’s preference, which was option C.

Plans for project #3025228 show a five-story hotel with four live-work units, 10,500 square feet of retail and below-grade parking for 213 vehicles. Mike Skidmore of Skidmore-Janette Architecture Planning Design presented at the meeting. It was confirmed at that the building exterior would be brick and stone base to middle with cornerstones that are similar to buildings on Ballard Avenue, a historic district.

“We want to create a building that has a sense of permanence. We are not trying to recreate the past, but we want to respect the past and do something with a material that has a permanence that will weather well and that is a key element to all three of our massing options,” said Skidmore.

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Study could secure ongoing funding for Ballard Locks

Information provided by the Port of Seattle

A draft of an economic impact study of the Hiram Chittenden Locks, known locally as the Ballard Locks, is currently under review by the about 30 maritime companies and public agencies that funded the study, including the Port of Seattle and the City of Seattle.

The study was prompted by the need to ensure ongoing operational and capital funding of the locks, which are owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps’ funding mechanism gives priority to lock systems based on the cargo tonnage that moves through the various locks the agency owns and operates on the nation’s commercial waterways.

The Ballard Locks have a comparatively low tonnage of cargo, but experience more openings and closings than any other locks in the Corps’ system.

The study aims to identify and place a value on the economic activity that moves through the locks, including fishing and seafood, ship- and boat-yards, tug and barge operations, marinas and recreational boating. A public unveiling of the study is expected by mid-April.

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Public records access, costs targets of two House bills advancing to Senate

By Tim Gruver
WNPA Olympia News Bureau

OLYMPIA, Mar. 8 –– In floor action Mar. 3, the House of Representatives passed two measures that affect the cost of providing digitized public records to requesters, and managing access to records via a statewide Internet portal.

Public records are one of the most important tools citizens use to keep tabs on government, but emerging technologies have made maintaining their accessibility in the digital age for government agencies a costly challenge.

HB 1594 passed the House 79-18 while HB 1595 earned 75-22 approval. Both measures now head to the Senate for consideration starting Mar. 15 with public hearings before the State Government Committee.

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