Cyclist makes film that urges City to improve Ballard Bridge safety

The Ballard Bridge has a long history of not being the safest bridge to cross for pedestrians, but Ballardite and co-owner of Peddler Brewery, Haley Woods, has created a video with hopes of improving the crossing.

Woods has created a video that depicts just how dangerous the bridge is for cyclists and pedestrian.

“I thought that the best way to show how bad it is would be to show what it’s like on the bridge because a lot of people just haven’t been on the sidewalk of the Ballard Bridge. I’m sure people have heard that it’s bad and probably driven across, but they probably haven’t actually been on the sidewalk, so I figured the video would be the best way to give them the experience without actually going out there.”

Woods shows the route from a variety of perspectives and situations including from the eyes of cyclists, parents pushing a stroller and the disabled.

“I ride my bike and walk as my main mode of transportation and find this dangerous route a necessary hurdle to cross, but many fellow cyclists and pedestrians avoid it for safety concerns,” said Woods.

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Police on watch for man in golden van after child luring attempt

Seattle police are on the lookout for a man driving a gold colored van after the driver reportedly posed as a school transportation official and tried to convince a mother to let her child ride with him.

According to Seattle Police, dispatchers received a 911 call around 8:20 a.m. from a woman in Magnolia who said a man posed as a school transportation official in order to give her child a ride to school.

The woman told police that she was waiting with her elementary school-aged child near 34th Avenue West and Brygger Drive West, when the man stopped the van in front of them. He claimed to be there to pick up the child. The woman questioned the man and refused to let her child ride with him. She took photos of the man in the golden van as he drove off.

Police are investigating the incident and are working with Seattle Public School officials to gather more details.

According to the King County sex offender registry, there are 22 sex offenders residing within 2 miles of the incident.

If readers recognize the man or the vehicle, please call 911. For more information about sex offenders in Seattle visit

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Murray, Godden announce Paid Parental Leave program for City of Seattle Employees

Today, Mayor Ed Murray and Councilmember Jean Godden announced a new paid parental leave benefit for City of Seattle employees.

Murray and Godden will introduce legislation that will provide employees access to four weeks per year of paid parental leave for the birth, adoption or foster placement of a minor child or children. This leave would be in addition to other paid accrued leave available to City employees, such as vacation and sick leave. This benefit will be available to all regular employees six months after their hire date consistent with the City’s Family Medical Leave policy. Implementation of this new policy will be negotiated with the city’s labor partners, many of whom have already demonstrated their support for this benefit.

“The United States is only developed nation in the world without a statutory right to paid parental leave,” Murray said. “The City of Seattle is proud to not only lead the region by adding a four week benefit for City employees, but I hope this is yet another way Seattle leads the nation.”

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