Firefighters put out electrical fire at Seattle’s Swansons Nursery

A fire broke out at Swansons Nursery early Monday morning, and Seattle Firefighters believe an electrical issue was the start to the flames.

According to the Ballard News-Tribune’s news partner, Q-13 Fox, a Seattle Fire Department representative said flames damaged a portion of a greenhouse at the nursery, which is located on the 9700 block of 15th Avenue NW.

Q-13 reported: “Fire broke through the glass of the greenhouse,” said Deputy Chief Tom Walsh. “It was extinguished pretty quickly. I would say about 15 minutes.”

SFD stated that the flames were limited to a small room within the large greenhouse.

Fire crews showed up in time to prevent the flames from spreading to neighboring properties.

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Ballard Walgreens pressed to hire security guard after armed robbery

After asking many stores in the area to hire a security officer, a Ballard woman now is urging Walgreens (5409 15th Ave N.W.) to do the same, especially after a recent armed robbery.

Janet Calkins lives four blocks from the Ballard QFC and eight blocks from the Bartell Drugs and Walgreens at 15th Avenue N.W.

Calkins said she called the Kroger Corporate office last year and urged them to get a security officer at QFC after a rash of robberies and assaults. She also said she spoke diligently with the Bartell Drugs management about hiring a guard.

“These stores need security officers to protect the customers, but more importantly the staff,” said Calkins.

Calkins said guards were hired at both stores. A Bartells representative could not confirm that they hired a guard because of Calkins, nor could they even confirm they have a guard because of security disclosure issues, however the Ballard News-Tribune has observed security personnel at the store.

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Peggy Sturdivant/ Ballard News-Tribune

Fenpro building coming down to make way for new museum

The Fenpro warehouse and studio has come down to make way for the new Nordic Heritage Museum.

Major deconstruction on of the building happened throughout last week after the groundbreaking on August 3. Mayor Ed Murray, Senator Reuven Carlyle, Washington State Rep. Gael Tarleton, and dignitaries from Scandinavian countries attended the event.

At the site last week, piles of metal were scrapped and heaps of debris were taken away in truck loads as monster backhoes and tractors knocked the once WW II munitions manufacturing factory to the ground, a place once bristling with activity from over 20 artisans and artists. The tenants have been out of the building since March. Bridge builders, machinists, glass blowers, woodworkers and artists have since moved on to studios spaces in South Park, Tacoma or Everett.

Fenpro 2

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