Photo from DPD site provided by Skidmore Janette.
New hotel planed above OAC annex.

Olympic Athletic Club proposes to add six floors for new hotel

Plans for 63 rooms, 38 parking spaces

A project at the Olympic Athletic Club is underway that will add a six-story hotel and parking to the side annex area of the historic building.

The proposed structure has 63 hotel rooms and 38 spaces for parking -- an addition of 16,000 square feet for the athletic club.

The planned site is the annex at 5301 Leary Ave. N.W. It was built in 1980 and is part of a building complex connected to the Olympic Athletic Club: a three-story building on Ballard Avenue Northwest. The overall plan is to replace the annex with the new structure. Skidmore Janette is the architect for the project.

The Department of Planning and Development held an early design guidance meeting early last December to discuss design considerations.

OAC owner, Jim Riggle, is part of a group that in 2013 opened a 29-room boutique hotel on the same block, at 5214 Ballard Ave. N.W. The hotel would share underground parking with the new structure.

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Mac’s Upholstery employee soaks ‘meth heads’ possessions to discourage squatting

An employee of a Ballard business reportedly soaked someone’s belongings in an attempt to discourage them from squatting on the property.

According to a Seattle Weekly report released yesterday, an employee of Mac’s Upholstery (5015 15th Ave. N.W.) propped a garden hose over the fence so it could spray a collection of objects below. The pile was covered by plastic.

Despite their headline, Seattle Weekly could not confirm if the structure was actually a homeless person’s camp:

“To be clear: while it's hard to imagine an alternative explanation, we haven't actually identified the owners of the flooded items or confirmed that they're homeless.”

However, they did speak with the employee who rigged the hose, and he said he was trying to “help the meth heads find another place to live.”

The Ballard News-Tribune stopped by Mac’s this morning. In the customer parking lot there was a sprinkler spraying freely on the hood of a car. Inside the shop an employee denied knowing anything about the incident or hearing about the Seattle Weekly’s report.

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Shane Harms/ Ballard News-Tribune
James Forgette, Worthy President of the Eagles standing on the Eagle’s commercial property across the street from Olympic Athletic Club.

Are the Eagles being hijacked by local developer?

The Olympic Athletic Club (OAC) is making moves that members of the Salmon Bay Aerie of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) are calling “shady.”

The Eagles were founded in 1898 here in Seattle and have been accredited with establishing Mother’s Day and Social Security. With such historic and social prominence it’s not surprising that some Eagle’s members and Ballard residents have started asking questions as a developer and Eagle’s member appear to be using the 83-year-old fraternity’s own democratic method for their own personal gain.

In March of 2015 Jim Riggle, owner of the Ballard Hotel and the Olympic Athletic Club, offered the Salmon Bay Aerie of the Fraternal Order of Eagles $2.4 million for their commercial property. The Eagles have owned the property (5244 Leary Ave. N.W.) next to their aeries since the 1970s, and they currently lease it to Elite Auto Care Inc.

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