Shane Harms
Campers living off the railroad tracks near Pacific Fishermen Shipyard.

Residents voice concern for illegal camping and trash piles in Ballard

There has been a recent rise in homeless activity along the Burke Gilman Trail and near the Ballard Locks and it has some residents wondering what can be done to help the situation.

Mark, a Ballard resident who asked not to be named, has used the BGT to commute to his office downtown for the last six years. He said that just this summer he has noticed more individuals camping along the trail.

Last week Mark was running the Burke Gilman trail with his wife and four-year-old daughter. Mark said he was ahead of the two when he heard a man yell at his daughter for riding her bicycle in the “wrong” lane of the trail. Mark said the man was erratic and agitated.

Since the incident Mark has asked his wife to stop running the trail with their daughter without him.

“It makes me fearful of my wife running alone and also I fear what I ‘m capable of if something like that happened again. No one should ever yell at a four-year-old child like that,” said Mark.

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Ballard Historical Society wins Department of Neighborhood Small & Simple Grant

Dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Ballard history since 1988 the Ballard Historical Society (BHS) looks to the future with an interactive mapping project thanks to a grant from the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods.

The ‘Mapping Historic Ballard: Shingletown to Tomorrow’ project will build a widely accessible, living map of this area’s past. By updating and digitizing previous historic resource surveys and conducting a contemporary survey, the BHS intends to catalyze an exciting and informed connection between current and new residents.

As Ballard Historical Society member Susan Reinhard says of her walking tours, “It’s the little stories that make up the big stories.” There is great interest on the part of Ballard’s newer residents in learning about, and from, Ballard’s storied past, particularly through a digital format.

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Ballard couple fights off armed thugs during home invasion

Seattle police are searching for a group of males after a home invasion at an apartment located on the 300 NW 85th Street Sept. 23.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance from neighbors of the victims. They said there was a potential robbery in progress and reported hearing a gunshot and a woman scream, “They're trying to rob us!”

Police arrived at the scene and located the apartment unit where the disturbance was reported. There was blood on the door and in the hallway. There was also a Walther .22 caliber pistol found in the parking lot. The unit was locked. Neighbors said that the victims – a male and female couple – went to the hospital.

Meanwhile, a local Ballard hospital called police and reported that a man was being treated for a laceration to his face from being pistol-whipped.

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