Broker announces Edith Macefield house for sale

Edith Macefield’s house, the one that drew worldwide attention and inspired the animated movie UP!, is for sale. The sale is likely the last chance to save the house from being swallowed up by the commercial complex that surrounds it.

Edith Macefield made headlines around the world for refusing to sell her small and unassuming house in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood to encroaching developers, declining in no uncertain terms their offer of $1,000,000. Developers went ahead and built Ballard Blocks, an imposing retail and office complex, around Edith’s house, surrounding it with towering, windowless cement walls. By standing up for herself and refusing to bow to pressure, Edith became an international folk hero.

Edith died at her home in 2008. She willed the house to her friend Barry Martin. The following year Martin sold the house to a self-described real estate coach who concocted a plan to raise the house as much as sixty five feet and turn it into a retreat, office and monument. The scheme collapsed, investors lost money, and the house was boarded up. As the years have passed it has looked increasingly forlorn.

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Seattle Center visitors now enjoy fast, free Wi-Fi

Mayor Ed Murray today unveiled a new free Wi-Fi service at Seattle Center. The service, which serves tens of thousands of people simultaneously, was developed in partnership with Microsoft.

“This is another step forward in our work to seek out public-private partnerships to improve Internet access in Seattle,” said Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. “More than 12 million people visit Seattle Center each year, and now they will enjoy fast, free broadband on their devices. This pilot program tests new technology that we may be able to deploy to other neighborhoods in the city.”

Seattle Center is offering two Bumbershoot passes to a user chosen at random who shares how they will use the faster service on the Seattle Center Twitter feed.

The TV white space technology developed by Microsoft Research takes advantage of unused television channels. Television signals travel over longer distances and better penetrate walls and other obstacles, powerfully connecting access points throughout Seattle Center. The new system nearly quadruples the number of access points available to users.

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Page, Josephine Maiorano with Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles March 25.

Josephine Maiorano serves as page in the state Senate

During the week of March 23, Josephine Maiorano of Seattle served as a page in the Washington State Senate. Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, sponsored Maiorano’s weeklong experience in the Legislature.

“It was a pleasure to sponsor Josephine this week,” Kohl-Welles said. “She was a bright and energetic student and helpful to me and my staff.”

During the week pages assist senators and staff, attend lectures with guest speakers and go to page school where they create their own bills in a mock committee setting. Maiorano drafted a bill that would give all citizens of Washington two free years of college at community and state colleges.

“It’s important for everyone to get the education they want without the incredible student loans that weigh them down,” Maiorano said.

Maiorano heard about the page program on a 4th grade field trip to the Capitol.

“When I came again on an eighth grade field trip, our class took a picture with Sen. Kohl-Welles and she posted the picture on her website. I could tell she cared about us,” Maiorano said.

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