Kohl-Welles aims to ease regulation on cannabis health and beauty aid products

Cannabis health and beauty aid products would not be subject to the same regulations as marijuana concentrate or marijuana infused products, under Senate Bill 5493,introduced today by Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle.

“This bill is about promoting small businesses and allowing entrepreneurs to find new ways to drive our economy, without legal recourse, as we continue to be pioneers in the marijuana legalization process,” said Kohl-Welles. “And topicals can be very soothing on sore muscles.”

Cannabis health and beauty products are not intended to be mood-altering and have no psycho-active effects. Examples of these products, according to Kohl-Welles, are body lotion, soaps, and salves—none of which is ingested. Under Kohl-Welles’ proposal, cannabis health and beauty products would not be able to contain a THC level higher than 0.3 percent, they would not be allowed for human consumption and they would not be able to cross the blood-brain barrier which leads to intoxication.

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Landmarks Preservation Board to consider nomination of Wiggen & Sons Funeral Home for landmark status

Seattle’s Landmarks Preservation Board will consider nomination of the Wiggen & Sons Funeral Home (2003 NW 57th Street in Ballard) on Wednesday, March 4 at 3:30 p.m. in the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue, 40th Floor, Room 4060.

The public is invited to attend the meeting and make comments. Written comments should be received by the Landmarks Preservation Board at the following address by March 3 at 3:00 p.m.:
Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
PO Box 94649
Seattle, WA 98124-4649 (mailing address)

A copy of the Landmark Nomination is available for public review at the Ballard Branch Library (5614 22nd Ave NW, 206-684-4089) and at the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods office in the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Ave, Suite 1700 (206-684-0228). It is also posted on the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods website, www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/preservation/landmarks.htm, under the heading of “Current Nominations.”

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Man stabbed at Interbay bar; Suspect apprehended by patrons

According to the Seattle Police Department, last Friday, January 16, Seattle Police Officers arrested a man for stabbing someone during a bar fight at a bar in the Interbay neighborhood.

Officers were dispatched around 10:30 pm after there was a report of a man harassing a woman at a bar on the 3400 block of Gilman Ave. West.

A patron at the bar saw the suspect harassing the woman and intervened, which caused an argument. The suspect struck the man in the chest. The victim thought the blow was a mere punch but then realized there was a lot of blood coming from his chest; the suspect had stabbed him with a small blade.

Witnesses report the suspect fled the bar and tried to jump over a patio wall, but broke his ankle in the process. He scrambled to a vehicle -- still carrying the knife -- where his wife was waiting for him. Patrons of the bar followed the suspect and managed to remove him from the vehicle. They sustained minor cuts to their hands in the process. The victim was also wounded in the struggle.

Officers were there in minutes and arrested the suspect. The suspect’s vehicle was impounded so officers could recover the knife.

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