Kristin Chambers.

Ballard singer starts month-long fundraiser for breast cancer research

Ballard singer and songwriter, Kristin Chambers, performed her title track "Everything Woman" on King 5 TV's New Day Northwest last Oct. 22 to kick off a month-long fundraiser.

All music download sales from Chamber’s website,, are going to the Susan G. Komen Organization (SGKO).

After the performance Chambers shared her thoughts.

"The performance was fantastic. The people at New Day are so sweet and professional. I was really taken by what an amazing interviewer and host Margaret Larson is. She has an amazing ability to make people feel at home," said Chambers.

Chamber’s mother-in-law is a 21-year breast cancer survivor, and recently two of Chamber’s closest friends have finished treatment and are cancer free

"It feels really good -- the idea of turning music into awareness and healing. The outpouring of stories and sharing that has come back to me about struggles and survivors’ stories has been sort of overwhelming, and really cathartic for many. I am so happy to be involved in this awareness and hopefully a total cure for this disease that affects so many.”

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Boundaries have no 'time' when it comes to density development

Some neighbors in Seattle think it’s just a “matter of time” before their neighborhoods change from the widespread density development. That’s just the case for a group of neighbors in Ballard. They never thought that a housing application on their block would literally be determined by an element of time, or rather a historic boundary line.

The Department of Planning and Development is in the process of reviewing a housing proposal at 819 NW 70th St. that hinges on parcel boundaries made before the 1950’s.

A boundary line adjustment is required for the project. With the DPD’s approval, a developer with Blueprint – a company that provides funding for builders in Seattle and financed 32 percent of the new homes in Seattle priced between $400,000 and $1 million in 2011 – will build a six unit work/live structure on two different lots.

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Ballard Development: One application to develop a site zoned as fish and wildlife habitat and three subdivisions approved

The Department of Planning and Development announced that there are two new subdivision applications in the works within the Ballard area. One application requires a SEPA review because the project site is zoned as a Fish and Wildlife Habitat. In addition, three subdivision applications have been approved.

Appeals must be received no later than 11/10/2014 at

8727 25th Ave NW

Land Use Application to subdivide one parcel into two parcels of land in an environmentally critical area. Proposed parcel sizes are: A) 7,200 sq. ft., and B) 10,189 sq. ft. Existing structure to remain.



The following approvals are required:
Short Subdivision to create two parcels of land. SEPA Environmental Determination (This project is subject to the Optional DNS Process (WAC 197-11-355) and Early DNS Process (SMC 25.05.355). This comment period may be the only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of this proposal.)

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