Seattle Public Utilities
SPU estimates that building rain gardens in North Ballard will prevent 1 million gallons of storm runoff and sewage overflow from entering Salmons Bay.

Movement in the Ballard Natural Drainage System project

Two other projects underway in north Ballard

Seattle Public Utilities has released an update on the Ballard Natural Drainage System project.

SPU reported that they have received construction bids and plan to go with a construction contract by the end of the month.

The Ballard Natural Drainage System is a project undertaken by the City with a goal of preventing 1 million gallons of untreated sewage and stormwater from entering Salmon Bay by building rain beds in a northern quadrant of Ballard.

SPU plans to build raingardens along 22 city blocks in Ballard. SPU found that the raingardens reduced peak flow rates by over 80 percent and reduced the amount of overflow into Salmon Bay.

Back in 2013 preferred blocks were identified after public outreach and initial investigations that analyzed infrastructure and soil composition.

The end goal of the project is to prevent no more than one overflow per year. The overflows happen when storm water runoff overwhelm Ballard’s combined overflow sewage system. Millions of gallons of runoff enter Salmon Bay via overflow sites. 10 percent of that water is raw sewage.

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Rollover accident leaves elderly man uninjured

An accident occurred on Seaview Avenue NW on Sept. 23 leaving one elderly man rolled over in his car but uninjured.

Emergency units and Seattle Police was dispatched to the scene after witnesses reported seeing a man in Honda CR-V sideswipe a parked van on the right side of Seaview Avenue NW. The vehicle made contact with the car and flipped over in the middle of the street.

A Seattle Department of Transportation was working in the area and witnessed the accident. Brad Powell and his co-worker were in an SDOT truck across the street when they saw the vehicle roll over in front of them.

“We were in the truck, and all of a sudden we see this car go by, and we heard a loud bang and saw it flip right in front of us,” said Powell.

Powell called 911 while his co-worker climbed into the vehicle to check on the man. All the air bags in the vehicle were deployed.

Lt. Sue Stangl of Seattle Fire Department said that the man was uninjured and was able to climb out of the vehicle on his own. He was looked over by emergency crews at the scene.

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Ballard couple fights off armed thugs during home invasion

Seattle police are searching for a group of males after a home invasion at an apartment located on the 300 NW 85th Street Sept. 23.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance from neighbors of the victims. They said there was a potential robbery in progress and reported hearing a gunshot and a woman scream, “They're trying to rob us!”

Police arrived at the scene and located the apartment unit where the disturbance was reported. There was blood on the door and in the hallway. There was also a Walther .22 caliber pistol found in the parking lot. The unit was locked. Neighbors said that the victims – a male and female couple – went to the hospital.

Meanwhile, a local Ballard hospital called police and reported that a man was being treated for a laceration to his face from being pistol-whipped.

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