CBRA meeting to host public forum with Districts 6, 8 and 9 candidates

Courtesy of CBRA

The Central Ballard Residents Association plans to host a forum where residents of District 6 will have the opportunity to meet candidates running for positions of Seattle City Council. The forum will be held at Leif Erickson Hall the evening of Sept. 17 and October 7.

Each date will have one of the candidates from Districts 6, 8 and 9.  CBRA decided to not have a debate format, but one that permits the candidates to individually engage the audience. Each candidate will have a one-half-hour time slot, along with three minutes to provide an introduction to his or her positions and/or philosophy. Then the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and the candidate will have the chance to respond.  They will finish with a short statement. 
The schedule is as follows:
September 17, 2015
7:00-7:30     District 8     Jon Grant
7:30-8:00     District 9     Bill Bradburd
8:00-8:30     District 6     Catherine Weatbrook

October 7, 2015
7:00-7:30     District 9     Lorena Gonzales
7:30-8:00     District 8     Tim Burgess
8:00-8:30     District 6     Mike O-Brien

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Mayor Murray, Councilmember O’Brien introduce legislation to build new affordable housing

Today Mayor Ed Murray and Councilmember Mike O’Brien introduced legislation that will create 6,000 units of affordable housing throughout Seattle. The proposal comes from the Mayor and City Council’s 28-member Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) advisory committee, and has been hailed as a “Grand Bargain” between affordable housing advocates and real estate developers.

“Seattle is experiencing unprecedented growth, and our challenge is to build fairly and affordably. We want sustainable, socially inclusive and economically diverse neighborhoods that are walkable, close to transit and job centers. To build these equitable communities, we must ensure that our teachers, nurses, hotel and restaurant workers who work in the city can also afford to live here,” said Mayor Murray. “With this legislation, Seattle – for the first time ever – will require that all new development in the city will pay for affordable housing. This is a bold, progressive proposal where growth itself will support affordable and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods. I am eager to work with the Council as we engage the public on this proposal as it moves through the legislative process.”

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Shane Harms
Hundreds of citizens at the Leif Erikson Hall for the encampment meeting.

Crowd gathered at mayor’s public meeting for homeless encampment in Ballard

North Seattle residents and citizens from as far as Kent gathered at Leif Erikson Hall August 12 for a public meeting hosted by the Office of the Mayor to discuss the proposed homeless encampment at 2826 NW Market Street.

The meeting was held for public comment on the encampment site and for City Officials to present the vetting process for the encampment selection. City officials were also going to present on encampment options.

Hundreds of citizens gathered in the hall to hear from City officials. Among them was Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim and Council member, Mike O’Brien. Staff from the Department of Planning and Development and the Department of Neighborhoods spoke at the meeting.

Mayor Ed Murray did not attend the event.

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