Peggy Sturdivant  
Laura Cappacini, Daniela Giordano, Silvana Babuscio and Valeria Vasta point to their hometowns in Italy.

At Large in Ballard: The New Italians

By Peggy Sturdivant

Their parents didn’t immigrate to America. They are not first, second or third generation Italian-Americans. They work in research laboratories at UW, the Hutch, and Seattle Children’s Research Institute. They work at Microsoft and Boeing, Amazon and start-up companies. They are the new Italians living and working in Seattle, and they want to create an Italian Cultural Center.

When contacted by Dr. Valeria Vasta about the quest for a home for a library and cultural center, I was bemused. Could there possibly be a need? I’d never heard much about an Italian community in Seattle.

But as one who loves the sound of the language and Italian-American food, I was curious. We arranged to meet so that I could learn more. When I found Monday night parking on Ballard Avenue to meet at Caffe Umbria there were not one, but four women, all looking at me as if I could open a locked gate. I was immediately lost to their cause.

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CrossFitters rally in Ballard for final week of CrossFit Games

Members of Northwest CrossFit met at the Ballard gym (6419 15th Ave NW) on Friday March 27 for their final workout in the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Around 40 athletes pumped, pushed and pleaded under the pressure and weight on their journey to finishing the Open.

The CrossFit Games are a series of competitive workouts where athletes test their strength against the clock over a five-week-period. Each week a regiment of workouts are assigned to athletes. Certain exercises have designated weights for male and female athletes. Certified CrossFit coaches confirm athlete’s performance.

Not a member of a CrossFit gym? It doesn’t matter; anyone can compete. Video recorded performances can also be submitted to CrossFit and be counted. The videos have to have a clock timing the performance included in the frame. Also, athletes can make as many attempts as they can muster in order to get their best time within a 96-hour period of each week.

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All photos by Shane Harms
A beautiful statue of Buddha at Himalayan Treasures in Ballard.

New shop brings treasures from Nepal to Ballard

A new store has brought the Far East to Ballard.

Himalayan Treasures (1708 NW Market Street) opened its doors last week and owner, Sushil Mulepati, invited the Ballard News-Tribune to view the intricate and exotic items inside. The store celebrates the craftsmanship of Nepal, Tibet, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Mulepati is from Nepal and lived there most of his life until a five-year stint in Hawaii. He recently moved to Seattle to be with his family. Mulepati has been collecting the artifacts for most of his life and maintains close relationships with craftspeople in Nepal. He sources many of his items from non-profit organizations and artisans. Mulepati also owns a tour company that leads groups in Nepal and Tibet.

Sushil Mulepati, owner of Himalayan Treasures, is from Nepal.

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