At Large in Ballard: Walk Away

By Peggy Sturdivant

On the way to arrange for a story interview that I thought would be uplifting for the holidays I crossed paths with a man in a red hat on a different path. Hudson stopped to put some belongings in the back of an old pick-up truck and then we both found ourselves waiting for the owner of the Spirit Gas Station at 24th and Market.

Overhearing the name Ballard News-Tribune this man in the hat with tassels wanted to know if I’d written about him some four years earlier. “You’re in the paper,” he said someone told him, after the incident at the Jack-in-the-Box on Leary Way. Not me, I told him explaining that the crime reports are generally taken straight from Seattle Police reports.

I needed breakfast and coffee but this man’s account of his version of what the Ballard News-Tribune, June 16, 2010 Police Blotter headlined as “Woman, dog, threatened at knifepoint” was riveting, and it was a breakfast story.

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New vegan food truck in Ballard

by Erin Bosetti

A new food truck has popped up in south Ballard, near the now shuttered Two Bit Saloon (4810 17th Ave NW). Basil and Javi’s (pronounced ha-vi) is a vegan wonderland bringing delicious fresh ingredients to Ballardites on the go and those taking in the various breweries in the area looking for a bite.

Named after two of owner Evan Cox’s favorite cats, the truck is committed to sustainable practices and excellent products.

“My wife and I are vegan and wanted to see what we could do to bring it to the mainstream,” says Cox. "We want to do fresh vegan takes on classics."

Their business practices are incredibly respectable.

“The whole philosophy [behind the business] is trying to be, in general, sustainable, socially and economically, with our products”.

This means that Basil and Javi are sourcing the freshest and most local ingredients possible, reducing their carbon footprint.

They are also taking care of their employees. Starting pay at Basil and Javi’s is $15 an hour, which is not something that most Ballard restaurants and bars can also say.

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Shane Harms
New owner, Ryan Santwire, plans to replicate old Paseo favorites like the the Caribbean Roasted Pork.

Ballardite owner to reopen Paseo

Paseo freaks can finally stop fearing a sandwich apocalypse after a new owner announced last week that he will soon reopen the restaurant.

On Dec. 12, a federal judge approved the pending bankruptcy sale, declaring Ballardite, Ryan Santwire, the new owner of Paseo.

Santwire said that the sandwich shop in Fremont will be open as soon as possible, and that he intends to stay true to the old ways of the sandwich glory customers know and love.

Paseo closed abruptly last month after former owner, Lorenzo Lorenzo, filed for bankruptcy in the wake of employees filing a lawsuit against him in September. The employees claimed they were denied bathroom, meal breaks and overtime wages. Lorenzo disputes these claims.

Santwire bought Paseo for $91,000 last week at an auction held in judge’s chambers at the federal courthouse. With the purchase come the name, assets and location, but the recipes for the salsa marinades, mayos and beans will stay with Lorenzo.

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