Photo by Peggy Sturdivant 
Doris McDill and Christy McDanold at the kitchen table.

At Large In Ballard: Seeds of The Garden

By Peggy Sturdivant

It’s the same kitchen table in a home near West Woodland Elementary, a bookrack almost always on the front porch. Sitting with her mother Doris McDill, Secret Garden Books owner Christy McDanold talked about the early days when the table was the only physical location for the business. “All I’d really purchased was the name and computer system,” McDanold said. “There was no location, and no books.”

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Scenes from Golden Gardens Park in Ballard

Photos courtesy of Patrick Robinson and Shane Harms.

Out past the sand there was a man walking a rope between two trees. He leaped and discovered there ground is never that far from reach.

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Youth Musical Theater camp putting a new face on an old ship

Class differences! Over the top nationalism! Incompetents in power! These timeless themes play out in this comic operetta about a wealthy captain’s daughter who loves a lowly sailor.

Without changing a note of Sullivan’s delicious 1878 score, we’re setting our production in 1964, the time of the British pop culture invasion, and spicing it up with sixties costumes and choreography, as we explore universal themes of love, status, and youth rebellion.

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