Photo by Peggy Sturdivant 
BHS Foundation Art Committee Member Alice Rooney at Wall of Recognition.

At Large In Ballard: Recognizing Art

By Peggy Sturdivant

There’s a Wall of Recognition on the first floor of Ballard High School with photographs of alumni who have distinguished themselves in the outside world. Their work may have been in laboratories, film studios, universities, libraries and museums. But the headshots don’t give a hint to those whose creations are around the corner and up the stairs. The high school school’s walls are home to a permanent art collection by major artists, many of them alumni.

Matthew Kangas, Class of ’67, independent art critic, BHS Foundation Art Committee member and the man leading a tour after the final bell of spring semester 2016 said as a matter of fact, “This collection is pretty much all masterpieces.” The remarkability of such a collection in a public high school is over the heads of the students, “’literally’ as teenagers are so fond of saying, but in this case, yes, literally above their heads, hung over the lockers and corridor breaks.

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Pat's View: Chewing the Fat

By Pat Cashman

I was 12 years old, and everyone else had left the dinner table twenty minutes earlier. But there I remained seated while under the baleful eye of my mother. “Keep eating it until you’re done,” she said. The “it” she referred to was a hunk of suety oleginousness; a clump of sebaceous adiposity. Or, as it is more commonly known: fat.

My mom quite honestly believed that “fat is good for you”---and therefore my siblings and I were required not only to finish every meal she laid out for us, but also every component part of it---including trimmings, stems, skins and, yes, fat.

The problem with fat---be it from beef, chicken, ham, turkey or salmon---was that I simply could not swallow it. I could chew it for hours---even days---and make less progress than a slug traveling from Tukwila to Pullman.

Big Bertha could tunnel through the planet quicker than I could ingurgitate a glob of gristle. Even a gun to the head would not speed things along.

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Shane Harms/ Ballard News-Tribune
Edith Macefield’s house seen last August before it sold to PEFB at 46 LLC Ballard for $450,000.

'Up' house owners still planning fate of property as Macefield Music Festival celebrates fourth year

The Macefield Music Festival is in its fourth year in Ballard and recently announced its line-up. Meanwhile, the reason for the festivities, a tribute to Edith Macefield holding out on selling her home in the face of gentrification and development, remains in question: Edith’s house.

The structure that used to be Edith’s house at 1438 N.W. 46th Street has become a bit of an eye sore: the windows are boarded up; the grass is either overgrown or not there at all; strings tied to balloons long blown out and other remnants sag from the fence around the property.

John Speirs with KG Investments manages the property for PEFB at 46 LLC Ballard, an investment group and affiliate for Ballard Locks.

Speirs said he and his employers are working with architects to determine the best use for the space.

“We are working with architects to see what would be a good fit. There are lots of ideas, so we are kind of working through all the them to see what’s most feasible and makes the most sense,” said Speirs.

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