Shane Harms
Co-founder, Mike Pfeiffer, serving brews to eager patrons at Reuben’s Brews new space opening celebration on May 9.

Reuben’s Brews opens second location in Ballard

One of Ballard’s favorite breweries, Reuben’s Brews, has expanded to a second location, which means one thing to imbibers: more delicious, locally produced beer.

The new and larger brewery and taproom is located at 5010 14th Ave. NW, and they opened the doors and taps to the public May 9.

“We’re really excited to show people the new brewery,” said Adam Robbings, co-founder and head brewer of Reuben’s Brews. “We’ve aimed to make the new taproom really comfortable but still open to the wonders of the brewing space. We are excited to brew more styles, add to our line-up with sours and lagers and expand our barrel-aging program.”

Reuben’s has come a long way since Robbings, wife Grace and brother-in-law Mike Pfeiffer opened in August of 2012. Back then they had just five beers on tap. After opening within six months they maxed out their production capacity and started looking for a new location. They found it in a space that used to be a garage.

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Edith Macefield’s “UP! House” Is pending

The sale of Edith Macefield’s world famous house is now pending.

“Interest in this property has been off the charts” said listing broker Paul Thomas. “Nearly 750,000 people viewed the virtual tour and stories about the sale have appeared in numerous local, national and global media outlets. People around the world really identify with Edith Macefield and what she stood for.”

Many people have also visited the property in person and left messages on the balloon wall. “I put over 800 balloons in the balloon dispenser in a three week period and I know others have been refilling it as well,” said Thomas.

Thomas received 38 “solid” offers for the house during the three week listing period. Each offer was scored for its proposed memorial to Edith Macefield, terms and dollar amount. The party who submitted the best overall offer has signed a Purchase and Sale Agreement and has until late May to complete their due diligence.

Once the sale closes, a much more substantive press release will be issued which will detail the buyer’s plans for the property. “If the current buyer closes,” said Thomas, “it will be an incredible next chapter in this David vs. Goliath story.”

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Photo courtesy of Katy Wilkens
Chives are a great onion substitute, and their flavor and color really shine when you add them to dishes that don’t cook long, especially egg dishes.

You Are What You Eat: Jive with chives

By Katy Wilkens, MS, RD
Nutrition and fitness manager, Northwest Kidney Centers

Green shoots are poking up where my chives grow. I am giving them a “haircut” almost every night and adding their sweet, green, clean, onion flavor to soups, salads, dips and egg dishes. And I am waiting for the beautiful purple flowers that appear at the top of many of the stalks.
Chives will grow almost anywhere. You can grow them in a pot indoors or stick a few clumps in a flowerbed. They are a great onion substitute, and their flavor and color really shine when you add them to dishes that don’t cook long, especially egg dishes. No need for salt, which is bad for your heart and kidneys, when you have the potent flavor of chives to brighten your meals. My favorite ways to use the flowers are sprinkled over a salad, or to tear them into individual blossoms and mix them with the finely chopped leaves into goat cheese.

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