Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series: "Finland" at Nordic Heritage Museum

Where: Nordic Heritage Museum (3014 NW 67th St)

What: “Birch Bark and Bothnian Breezes,” The PKH Trio, from Finland -- Multitalented musicians from Umeå and Luleå in Northern Sweden, Pia Karin Helsing (soprano, cello, violin), Görel Särs (accordion, piano, guitar), and Cay Nyqvist (clarinet, percussion, composer) present a program rooted in old music traditions of Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia, Finland, with a magical blend of classical masterworks.

Price: Single ticket prices are $45 for Museum Members, $50 for non-Members (including smörgåsbord) and concert-only tickets are $20 for Members, $25 for non-Members. Season tickets for all five concerts (including smörgåsbord) are $195 for Members and $215 for non-Members.

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