Elk-Ta-Gon Sumo Wrestling @ Ballard Elks Lodge

What: This year, we revive the Elk-Ta-Gon. Sumo suits will once again be-clumsy their wearers and amuse such onlookers as are wise enough to be in attendance Should you feel the call to don the Suit of Sumo and test your mettle in the Elk-Ta-Gon against another, pitted against one who is equally unprepared for the ensuing hilarity, contact the office or email bpoe827@gmail.com. This is a 21+ event.

There will be: celebrity judges, raffles, memorabilia & apparel, food, glory, refreshments, and available live streaming online video coverage

Where: Ballard Elks Lodge (6411 Seaview Ave NW)

Price: $15 General Admission | $25 VIP Seating

More info: http://ballardelks.org/ai1ec_event/elk-ta-gon/?instance_id=13225