Authors Robin Abel and Peggy Sturdivant Read

Twenty-four-year-old Maria Federici was on her way home from work on Interstate 405 in February 2004 when a piece of furniture flew off the trailer being hauled by the car in front of her. The 60-pound piece of particle board flew through her windshield and pulverized her face. Maria’s injuries were initially pronounced non-survivable. The book "Out of Nowhere" is her mother Robin Abel’s behind-the-scenes story of a woman determined to rebuild her daughter’s life and change road safety laws in order to prevent other tragedies.

Robin Abel is a Northwest native whose life was altered by the incident that nearly killed her daughter. She would prefer to live a quiet life with her golden retrievers and garden but is compelled to share this story in order to prevent future tragedies due to unsecured loads.

Peggy Sturdivant writes a weekly column for the Ballard News-Tribune and as well as contributing essays, short stories and poetry to other Northwest and national publications.


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