Photographic Works at the Phinney Center Art Gallery

Featured Artists: Victoria Bjorklund, Maylee Noah and John Trela
Artist Reception: March 12, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

The photographic works of Victoria Bjorklund, Maylee Noah and John Trela depict differing views of how we interact with the cities we live in. Victoria Bjorklund explores wonder and curiosity in her photographs which capture places that cause the figments of our imaginations to escape to a space where the real and unreal are found side by side in her portfolio titled Glass Figments. In Maylee Noah’s portfolio titled Vida Mirada: Photographs of Oaxaca, she explores the streets, markets and festivals in Oaxaca, as she is inevitably drawn into the action. John Trela’s photographs Tokyo Nights represent what a visitor to this busy and overwhelming city may experience on a night out in Tokyo.

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