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Photo by Peggy Sturdivant
Canon Britt Olson with Sally and Olive Royal with Ink by the Leaves of Remembrance.

At Large In Ballard: Four-legged Blessings

By Peggy Sturdivant

I thought my student Olive Royal was kidding when she said she’d have a dog with her at our meeting. She was not. I perked up when I met the dog.

The dog with Olive had the head of a black Labrador on a Corgi’s body. The dog has paws that turn out and make him look like he’s a seal out of water. His name is Ink.

“We have a dog date,” I told Olive.

By coincidence I’d arranged with Canon Britt Olsonat St. Luke’s Episcopal to photograph her puppy Sally. I was planning to write about the Blessing of the Animals scheduled for Sunday, October 2, 2016 at Ballard Commons.

Sally also has the head of a black Labrador, but on the legs of a greyhound. Their mismatched match-up was perfect.

It was the ultimate dog frolic. Ink and Sally. Sunshine. Ballard Commons. One short. One tall. Both with sleek black coats.

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