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Photo by Peggy Sturdivant
Lizette Graden shows off her parting gift from NHM curatorial staff.

At Large in Ballard: Something old, something new

By Peggy Sturdivant

Months before the Nordic Heritage Museum ceded its Chief Curator Lizette Graden to the lure of Stockholm’s Royal Museums she asked me to moderate an event in distant October called “Ballard: Best Place Ever.” The special October 23rd evening will showcase what’s best of new and old in Ballard in conjunction with Tod Dangler’s The Color of Time: Ballard from Dusk to Dawn photography exhibit.

Flash forward to the week before the event and as is the way of Ballard, and life, there have been changes. For starters I’m trying to write a column about Ballard while in the foreign country of my family on the east coast. I always say that it’s almost impossible to think in “Ballard” while I am surrounded by Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, people togged year-round as part of ‘Red Sox Nation’ and my kinfolk.

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