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Photo by Peggy Sturdivant  
Lesli Billings and Kris Royer Collins of Ballard Historical Society help Fremont mourn on Linden Avenue North.

At Large in Ballard: Six Wakes and a Requiem

By Peggy Sturdivant

Last weekend I attended six wakes and one requiem. The requiem, composed to put to rest the soul of an 18th century enslaved African, and performed by a 40 piece orchestra and 100 voice chorus, was the more uplifting. The six wakes, or “The Wake for Fremont’s Affordable Rental Houses,” organized by the Fremont Historical Society, did not carry a similar sense of redemption.

The 3600 block of Linden Avenue is just north of the Fremont Baptist Church, two blocks west of the troll and a few blocks north of a surviving Carnegie Library in Seattle. Six houses are slated for demolition on the block. All the houses were built before 1930, and most recently were rental homes. Barring a miracle they will soon join others recently demolished.

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