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Photo by Peggy Sturdivant 
Dionne Haroutunian is ready to GoGo.

At Large in Ballard: Not the worst that could happen

By Peggy Sturdivant

The night after I spent time with Dionne Haroutunian in her artist studio on Market Street I dreamed that I was at a crossroads in my life and chose another path than the one I did in 1989. I cannot be the first person who has experienced this Haroutunian effect. Since she is about to embark on a six-month motorcycle trip through Eastern Europe and Turkey in the spirit of art, adventure and world peace entire nations may be left reeling.

Haroutunian grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. Her first language is French, which may be why some of her phrasings sound romantic rather than realistic. She speaks of dropping into Turkey, and then dropping into Iran, as though she can parachute with simply words. Then again it may not be the translation, it could just be her self-confidence and optimism.

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