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Peggy Sturdivant
Charles Josi and Spencer Noble with teakettle.

At Large In Ballard: New Bachelors of Ballard

By Peggy Sturdivant

Spencer needs a dining table and chairs, an iron, a toaster, and he’d love to have a girlfriend. Spencer’s mother is visiting from the Bay Area for the weekend to help him furnish his first home. So far they’ve found wineglasses, ordered a recliner and laid claim to the extra ironing board in my basement. Mom could probably help with the girlfriend too, if she was staying past Monday.

I’ve known Spencer (or of him) since before he was born. On the morning of my first wedding in 1989 the groom’s best friend puzzled over her inexplicable lack of desire for coffee. It made sense well before nine months had passed. All his life Spencer has been teased as the “surprise.” I hadn’t seen Spencer since he was just old enough to start babysitting.

Now the California boy has already graduated from college, and worked his way up in sales for a national tool company. He’s been in Seattle for several years but we never connected because I wasn’t in town when his parents visited. Now he’s moved to Ballard and he and his mom, my friend Cami, came to our door even before she saw his new house. Suddenly, we’re neighbors.

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