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Photo courtesy of Tim Hunter
Treece and Richdale carrying a mag card into the building they built in 1978.

Treece-Richdale Law Firm closes after 40 years in Ballard

After practicing for over 40 years at their location on 1718 N.W. 56th St., Treece-Richdale Law Firm closed its doors and moved to make room for condominium and apartment high-rise projects.

David Richdale and Tom Treece built the building and started their office back in 1978. At one point they employed 13 attorneys and 25 support staffers. In 2001 they downsized and later sold the building, but rented their space from the owner.

“It’s been good. We’ve been in Ballard all this time, but we sure wouldn’t have move if we didn’t have to. I figured we were set until we quit,” said Treece.

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