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Shane Harms
Brand Renton and Gina Frank of WHIN spoke at the meeting last week.

WHPA to hire SPD security patrols starting Jan. 1

In response to rising crime rates in North Seattle, Whittier Heights Involved Neighbors met last week to discuss the details of forming their very own paid security patrol.

Almost 50 residents from the Whittier Heights neighborhood met at the Ballard Church to find out how the new security patrol will be operated.

The patrol will be comprised of off-duty Seattle Police officers working in shifts amounting to four-hours. They will patrol an area from Northwest 65th street to Northwest 85th Street to 15th Avenue Northwest to 8th Avenue Northwest. The patrollers are hired through a security company, Seattle Security, which is an agency that works closely with SPD officers. On patrols, SPD officers are off-duty, yet will wear a uniform. Weather permitting, officers will walk or bike the parameters of the neighborhood, or drive their personal vehicles. Officers are authorized to arrest individuals breaking the law.

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