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Shane Harms/ Ballard News-Tribune
Rudy Pantoja Jr. a.k.a. “Hugh Mungus” has been gardening and cleaning the streets of Ballard since the 90’s. He was recently accused by a “social justice warrior” for sexually harassing her at a Seattle City Council meeting after he told her his name was “Hugh Mungus.”

Ballardite speaks out after ‘Hugh Mungus’ viral controversy

Ballard resident, Rudy Pantoja Jr. a.k.a. “Hugh Mungus” never dreamed he’d be accused of sexual harassment at Seattle City Council meeting for what he believed to be a playful redirection, and now after a video of the incident has gone viral, Pantoja is speaking out.

The Seattle City Council meeting was held in August to discuss the new North Precinct, which is controversially called “The Bunker” by some activists who say the $143 Million facility is too much without marked police reformation relating to racial targeting and use of force.

Zarna Joshi, an anti-bunker activist, was among some activists at the meeting and filmed the video that recently went viral, which starts with Pantoja being interviewed by the media. When the interview is finished, Pantoja approaches Joshi, and he asked her if she wants his name, and he says “Hugh Mungus,” with a smirk.

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