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New bill aims to give neighbors a voice in development

State lawmakers will have a chance to address land use notification this legislative session, answering what many neighborhoods have been calling a major problem with development.

Citizens have all seen those big land use signs in front of construction sites; House Bill 1084 would require something like that for nearly all development projects. Rep. Gerry Pollet (D-Seattle) and other legislators are introducing the bill.

The Ballard News-Tribune has covered its share of stories surrounding development. A running vein in many of those stories has been the lack of notification to neighbors from the Department of Planning and Development before a project starts. In many stories neighbors report not even knowing about the project until a construction crew is well underway in making a structure that one day looms over neighboring homes – too late for anyone to have a say. In one case a family lost more than a view; they could reach out their kitchen window and touch the neighboring row house.

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