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The Psychic View – Letting Go

By Marjorie Young

The aftermath of the recent election produced a tidal wave of emotion across the country and beyond. Having been an avid Hillary backer and feminist, I was thrilled at the thought of the (long overdue) first female president and was confident of a Democratic win. However, on election morning, I awoke with an absolutely horrid feeling…a clear premonition that the outcome would prove ruinous to my hopes. This grim gloom prevailed; when the results came in, my fears became a reality. Throughout the following day, after exchanging numerous angst-ridden phone calls with equally distressed friends and family, something very unexpected occurred. The grievous cloud of dejection suddenly lifted, replaced with a brighter, lighter feeling that I welcomed with gratitude. This change was not my own accomplishment…but rather materialized in the form of a gift. I resolved then and there that I would not spend the next four years in bitterness or despair; which would prove both a waste of my time and tedious to others. I would refuse to project the worst, but instead embrace what life had to offer, which was still a great deal, no matter who was running the country.

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