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Photo by Shane Harms
Director and star of "Whack-job," Dan Gildark, at West of Lenin Theatre.

Art and science meet in the Boondoggler’s ‘Whack-job’

Seattle performance group, The Boondogglers, are back from the 90’s and have a production coming up that may have some viewers questioning the way they watch film and stage performances.

“Whack-job,” is an original work that mixes live performance with video, written by neurologist and playwright, James Jordan (MD, BFA) and directed by and starring, Dan Gildark.

"Whack-job" is not a typical play, mainly because while an audience member is enthralled by the theatrics, their brain waves and other physiological measurements are being recorded. It’s a multimedia comedy as well as a cognitive psychological experiment measuring audience attention using eye tracking, surveys, EEG (Electroencephalography), heart rate and other observations.

The experimental play will be performed at West of Lenin Theatre (203 N. 36th St), starting December 4 through 6 and 11 through 13 at 8 p.m. To prime spectators, a preview-show, followed by a discussion on “Cognition of Spectatorship,” will be December 3.

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