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A letter from the experiment. This experiment may have provided answers but not necessarily to the questions UW said they were seeking

At Large In Ballard: The Experiment

By Peggy Sturdivant

I was upset when I thought it was just happening in Ballard. When I learned it was citywide I was incensed. Who was placing letters addressed to the “American Neo-Nazi Party” throughout Seattle neighborhoods?

I learned about these “found letters” when my letter carrier was visibly upset after finding a letter addressed to the “American Neo-Nazi Party” c/o a P.O. Box seemingly left for her to find on her route. A day earlier her substitute had found one and without looking at the address stuck it in a friend’s outgoing mail because he wasn’t going back to the station. That didn’t end well.

The letter carriers in Ballard felt targeted. It was the week that bombs had exploded in New York and New Jersey. The envelopes were found near mailboxes, propped against a rock or a fence and were addressed and had a stamp. My letter carrier described them as “creepy.”

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