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Photo by Shane Harms
SDOT’s Jonathan Williams and Margo Polley at the CBRA meeting September 11.

Big parking changes proposed for Ballard core

Residents say SDOT prioritizes businesses and visitors

The Central Ballard Residents Association met last Thursday, September 11, to discuss parking changes in Ballard.

SDOT’s Jonathan Williams and Margo Polley addressed parking and recent studies. SDOT has been doing parking studies in Ballard for the last five years, and completed one last May that determined who is parking in Ballard and where.

SDOT has been monitoring parking in Ballard through the Community Access and Parking Program, and has a goal of making parking in the commercial sector of Ballard more predictable for customers and visitors.

At the meeting, SDOT reported that the data shows that parking south of Northwest Market Street is congested after 10:00 a.m. on most days. Furthermore, areas within the core are 90 percent full for more than three hours during the day and completely full at night. Also, the current parking time limits in place are not creating vehicle turnover. Currently, on Ballard Avenue parking is often completely full after 10:00 a.m., and 20 percent of vehicles stay longer than posted time limits.

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