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Photo courtesy of Ballard Homestead. 
This site in Ballard dates to 1928 and although the property (which includes residences on either side) belongs to the Church of Nazarene its congregation has long since moved.

At Large in Ballard: Homesteading

By Peggy Sturdivant

Last spring a local writer asked if there was a space in Ballard similar to Hugo House; a writer’s center on Capitol Hill that provides classes, workshops and overall support for writers. She also said, “If nothing exists, then maybe we can talk about creating such a thing?”

She has powerful ideas. A few months ago I saw a notice about a Hugo House writing class being offered by Ross McMeekin, a writer who happens to live in Ballard. The venue was listed as Ballard Homestead. Clever, I thought, assuming he was teaching in his home.

It was after I saw a second reference to Ballard Homestead that I realized it might not be McMeekin’s house. Then I progressed from research to shock in learning that a community venue curated by Abbey Arts was about to launch practically underneath my nose. The building belongs to the Church of Nazarene and it’s located on Jones Ave. NW just one block north of NW 65th. When I found it I just stood in front and gaped.

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