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Photo provided by Ecocruise
Ecocruise EZIP4 could be a more economical option for city agencies.

Future of electric cars emerging in Ballard

A son of Ballard is shaping the future of electric vehicles in a big way.

Steve Leighty is President and founder of Ecocruise, an electric car company devoted to changing how Americans think of transportation.

After a long process of design, prototyping and manufacturing Ecocruise will be releasing their new line of cars urban electric cars by the end of the year. Leighty hopes that these new models will one day replace the light and utility transportation used today.

Leighty grew up in North Seattle and lived in north Ballard for 45 years before starting Kasea Motorsports in 1989. Leighty designed ATV’s, motorcycles and scooters that were competitive in the industry for over 25 years. His office was based in Seattle.

From his experience with ATV’s Leighty realized he wanted to make “cleaner,” more sustainable vehicles. Moreover he saw a window emerging in the electric car industry, a new market for smaller electric vehicles. Leighty saw that the established vehicle industry was moving sluggish and thinking about transportation in the same way as gasoline fueled vehicles: big.

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