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Photo by Shane Harms
Unions demonstrating in Ballard last April.

Lockhaven tenant fights back against ‘illegal eviction’ and ‘retaliation’

The Lockhaven issue continues to spill like a cup of dark-roast Starbucks coffee across the news-desk of the Ballard News-Tribune even after the once affordable housing complex, Lockhaven Apartments, has become Cadence Apartments: upscale apartments, operated by Goodman Real Estate (GRE).

A longtime tenant of the apartment complex, who prefers to not be named in this article, -- the BNT will call her Ann -- has been fighting what she calls “illegal action” and “retaliation” since GRE took ownership in 2013.
Ann, a Lockhaven Tenants Union (LTU) and Tenants Union of Washington (TUW) member, has been battling over tenant’s rights with GRE since their early eviction notices in late September 2013. Those 20-day eviction notices were illegal and were reprimanded by the Department of Planning and Development.

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