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Shane Harms
The cost of testing and soil cleanup was estimated to be $145,500, but Thompsen said there would be added costs because more soil was removed.

NW Market Street encampment remediation finished, cost higher than estimated

The environmental remediation work at the proposed homeless encampment site on NW Market Street has finished, but the cost of remediation will exceed initial estimates after crews found contaminants deeper in the ground.

All of the contaminated soil was removed last Friday and the new soil was unloaded and spread last Wednesday August 26.

According to Scott Thompsen with Seattle City Light, crews dug out one foot of soil within the former transformer yard. Two feet of soil was removed from one half of the lawn area and 30 inches were removed from the other half. Approximately 400 cubic yards of soil was removed.

“The soil was removed until we had confirmation samples that only clean soil was removed guided by the Model Toxic Control Act. It sets a standard for clean up. We kept removing soil until test samples came back negative,” said Thompsen.

“As you are doing it you are looking at the material that’s coming out and dig until you get to clean dirt. If you have spots with isolated contaminants you have to remove it all to make sure you get it out.”

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