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Photo by Dean Wong
“Herman, 1976” is the first photo Wong took when he realized he “had something,” and it appears on the cover of his book.

“Seeing the Light: Four Decades in Chinatown”

Former reporter garners international attention after publishing first book

Aside from his camera, most people wouldn’t think Dean Wong to be a photographer who has attracted the praise from the New York Times and the South China Morning Post. He’s not a large man. There’s some graying stubble on his chin. He wears faded sneakers and an old bomber jacket. However, during a conversation with Wong, one quickly finds themselves to be in the presence of a keenly observant, introspective and deeply experienced person with a lifetime of story telling.

Wong, a former Ballard News-Tribune staffer, has published a book that has drawn international attention and given an inside view on China Towns in major cities including Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wong is a second generation Chinese American Seattle native. He’s also a self taught photojournalist and writer.

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