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Lindsay Peyton/Ballard News-Tribune
Jones only had a couple of months to assemble 170 cuffs.

Ballard Mom’s Handmade Jewelry Debuts on Music’s Biggest Night: Margaux Jones’ Cuff Bracelets

Selected as Official GRAMMY Gift

By Lindsay Peyton

The first cuff bracelet Margaux Jones made was more like a talisman.

On a whim, she bought some fabric, brought out her old sewing machine and added the word “breathe” to the piece – making an affirmation she could wear around her wrist. The next one read “strong,” a reminder of her inner prowess.

Jones was in a rut, working a job that kept her from fully exploring her creative potential – but she was on the brink of making a break for it.

The single mom who resides in Ballard never dreamt that her cuffs might be the key to a major sea change. She simply thought making jewelry would be a fun hobby.

Jones started selling the bracelets on Facebook a few months ago and named her side business “NW 58th Street” in honor of the women who live on her street, a supportive circle of neighbors who inspire her.

It wasn’t long before the cuffs were picked up by a couple of stores – and then placed in the swag bag for the Teen Choice Awards.

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