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Pat's View: I Hear the Train a’Coming

By Pat Cashman

If you’ve traveled by plane lately, you know that airport security is tighter than a pair of Spanx.

The airport people want you to take off your shoes, coat, belt and watch. What’s next? Probably shirts, pants, funny nose glasses and toupees.

Then you’re scanned---and sometimes felt down (or up depending on your preference).

And then if you ever do get on the plane, you’re admonished to sit down, click on your seatbelt, turn off your cell phone---and have “a wonderful flight.”

So I offer now for your consideration---and lessened aggravation: traveling by train.

First of all, the Seattle King Street Station is conveniently located right alongside some tracks. It’s where the trains that annoy Mariner’s play-by-play announcers arrive and depart.

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