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Photo by Michael Posluszny
Jim Bristow recreates Sunset Bowl.

At Large in Ballard: You had to be there

By Peggy Sturdivant

Jim Bristow says his neighbors begged him to have another block party after his Flamenco-themed party on Summer Solstice. If you’re a Ballard neighbor you absolutely know him: the neighborhood party guy. If you don’t know him by name you may remember him as the Ballardite who tried to save Sunset Bowl. If you live anywhere in NW Ballard on Saturday, August 16th now you know who was having the party with amplified music.

Before the party Bristow worried about the noise potential of the bowling alleys he built on the planting strips of his east-west block. Turns out the sound of the return of “Sunset Bowl” wasn’t an issue, but the classic rock and roll of 24 hr Diesel was a bit much for those who weren’t dancing in the street. Sounds like ‘you had to be there.’

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