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Mock up of the simulator complex.

Foss Maritime partners with Seattle Maritime Academy, brings 3 new simulators for mariner training

As the opening of the new by Seattle Maritime Academy facility approaches, Foss Maritime has announced that they have agreed to a four-year agreement with the academy to support their new training facility for mariners.

Foss has offered to provide three simulators where students can hone their skills, including a full mission bridge simulator, a computer simulation training laboratory and an engine room simulator.

"At Foss, safety is our top concern. And when it comes to avoiding accidents, there are three things that really help: practice, practice, and practice. Having as much time as possible on a simulator is an excellent way for mariners to build their skills and confidence in vessel handling, navigation, and equipment handling," said Scott Merritt senior vice president at Foss.

The simulators will be used in the Maritime Engineering Technology and Marine Deck Technology training programs offered at the academy, which is set to open after October. The Ballard campus (4455 Shilshole Ave. NW in Ballard) has been training maritime workers there for the last 40 years. A new facility has been in the works since last year.

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