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Leo Pfeifer (left) shooting a scene in "Stolen."
Photo courtesy of Leo Pfeifer and Coleman Andersen.

Ballard film students win award at CineYouth in Chicago

Two Ballard film students, Leo Pfeifer and Coleman Andersen, won Best Drama in the junior division at the CineYouth Awards on May 9, at Columbia College in Chicago. Their short film, “Stolen,” won the prize.

The film portrays a man seeking revenge after his wife died from a heart attack after a conman tried to steal from her.

Both Andersen and Pfeifer are third year students in the BHS Digital Filmmaking Program. 

“It’s always great to win awards and have your films appear at festivals. … It’s really gratifying for people to recognize the film after all the editing and work you put into it. To be able to connect with people and share a story is the best part of making a film,” said Pfeifer.

The two developed the concept and wrote the script over the summer and filmed it over winter break. The film explores ethical issues by revealing that the conman was making his cons in order to support a family.

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