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SFD investigating fire on 80-foot ship at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard

UPDATE 3:56 pm

Doug Dixon, General Manager of Pacific Fishermen Ship yard said that they were doing welding work in the stateroom of the yacht -- called Three Winches -- when something caught fire. Dixon said they had a fire watch there and noticed the fire immediately.

“We had it out mostly before fire crews showed up, and they finished it off,” said Dixon.

Firefighters needed to use chain saws to cut into the ship to find the source of the fire, but damage was localized to the stateroom.

“The fire is buried in the woodwork so getting to the smoldering embers can be difficult.”

25 units with 59 firefighters were dispatched to the scene, including fireboat units.

Moore reported that Ship Fires, Marina Fires, Pier Fires and High Rise fires call for more units due to the potential for large-scale fires and emergencies.

“Our response model is to dispatch the units and code green them or turn them around if not needed. It’s easier to turn them around than trying to catch up to a fire that is growing exponentially,” said Moore.

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