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Plans taken from the project portal on the DPD website.
Developers grab building opportunities when the “time” is ripe. Plans from the DPD website reveal the historic boundary line between Parcel A and B, where the two proposals are divided.

Boundaries have no 'time' when it comes to density development

Neighbors demand to have a voice in 7,777 square foot project proposal

Some neighbors in Seattle think it’s just a “matter of time” before their neighborhoods change from the widespread density development. That’s just the case for a group of neighbors in Ballard. They never thought that a housing application on their block would literally be determined by an element of time, or rather a historic boundary line.

The Department of Planning and Development is in the process of reviewing a housing proposal at 819 NW 70th St. that hinges on parcel boundaries made before the 1950’s.

A boundary line adjustment is required for the project. With the DPD’s approval, a developer with Blueprint – a company that provides funding for builders in Seattle and financed 32 percent of the new homes in Seattle priced between $400,000 and $1 million in 2011 – will build a six unit work/live structure on two different lots.

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