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SDOT map of future Holman medians.

Still no crosswalk at Northwest 87th Street?

SDOT 'fails through inaction’ in safety improvements with new Holman project

Earlier this month, Mirabel Cruz, Senior Communications Lead for SDOT, discussed the Holman Road Northwest Repaving project with the Ballard District Council.

Over 30 thousand vehicles travel through the Holman corridor and it is a regional and neighborhood connector. It’s also a designated major freight route.

SDOT has started the process to repave 1.3 miles of Holman Road Northwest from Greenwood Avenue North to Northwest 87th Street.

On top of repaving, there will also be improvements in safety that include new medians at Seventh Avenue Northwest and 13th Avenue Northwest. 15th Avenue Northwest currently has a median, and SDOT plans to enlarge it. In addition, temporary improvements at Mary and 92nd Street Northwest include sidewalks and wheel stops.

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