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Shane Harms/ Ballard News-Tribune
Miri, Gabe and dog, Zarko in front their new shop on Seaview Avenue.

New snack shack offering sweet treats on Seaview Avenue opens this weekend

A North Seattle couple known for making an old Dutch favorite is taking up shop on Seaview Avenue in Ballard.

Miri’s Snack Shack, located in the once ice cream RV-shack neighboring Un Bien and Surf Ballard at 6300 Seaview Ave. N.W., is holding their opening over the weekend and will be showing patrons their take on sweets, coffee and poffertjes? Yes, poffertjes.

Miri Plowman and Gabe Skoda started Miri’s Poffertjes last year, and since then they have been offering sumptuous sweet and savory topped Dutch pancakes to folks at Capital Hill Farmers Market and after this week Magnolia Farmers Market. They plan to offer the same sweet pancake at Mira’s Snack Shack.

Plowman has over ten years in the restaurant and catering industry, including working as a server at Bastille and Doe Bay Cafe. She also headed the menu for bed and breakfast on Orcas Island and started her own BBQ vending company.

Skoda has been working in kitchens in the area for the last ten years and worked at local spots such as Local 360 and Salish Lodge. He currently works with Foraged and Found Edibles, a wild edibles foraging company based in North Seattle.

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