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Shane Harms

Neighborhood association charges city to withdraw Interbay encampment

The Interbay Neighborhood Association has asked the City to withdraw its permit for the transitional homeless encampment in Interbay, stating that the site is contaminated and that the city has not done its due diligence in making sure it’s safe for campers.

The encampment at 3234 17th Ave. W. is one of three city-sanctioned encampments (Ballard and SODO) that Mayor Ed Murray announced last summer in response to a growing homeless population. Since then there has been public opposition to the selection of the sites with heavy contention being from the fact that Ballard and Interbay sites were contaminated with harmful compounds.

INA bases their charge on a review conducted by SoundEarth Strategies who contend the city’s testing and sampling for contaminants at the site were not adequate. SES issued a letter last week that sates the city used the wrong methodology in testing and that the findings are not applicable for residential use.

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