The Psychic View - Actions and Reactions

By Marjorie Young

It is a universally acknowledged truth that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; this is known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion. While the realm of science is admittedly not my forte, proof of this hypothesis is evident all around us.

Several recent examples come to mind. In the small town of Victoria, Texas, the community’s only mosque was burned to the ground. The local rabbi, head of a congregation numbering no more than thirty, immediately handed over the keys to his synagogue to the Iman…allowing Muslims to still have a place to call home. The Christian community was not far behind, also offering their churches for prayer until the mosque could be rebuilt. Furthermore, a ‘Go Fund Me’ site was set up in to raise the required $850,000 to cover construction costs; within two days, well over a million dollars had poured in.

Not long afterwards, a Jewish cemetery was desecrated in St. Louis. This abhorrent deed galvanized local Muslims. They turned out in droves, working to restore the damage. In addition, they promoted a fundraising website, hoping to raise $20,000 to erase the pillagers’ work; double that amount poured in during the first twenty-four hours, as did messages of support from near and far.

Obviously, hate crimes are extremely disturbing on myriad levels, but something positive may emerge from them after all; deftly illustrating the ‘law of unintended consequences.’ Surely the last thing the haters had in mind was to inspire generosity, compassion, love, and unity. But this splendid ‘fallout’ manifests with regularity to rectify these transgressions. As darkness and light counterbalance one another, bigotry may be vanquished by empathy…a highly desirable aftermath indeed.

Of course, the ‘equal and opposite reaction’ theme is not only to be found in this grander scheme of things. It frequently plays a part in our personal lives, shaping our character and destiny. One example was this year’s leading Oscar contender ‘La La Land,’… the work of young writer/director Damien Chazelle. His outlandish dream was to create an original movie musical; something not attempted in Hollywood for decades. For six years, Chazelle received a raft of refusals from every studio. Yet, this ‘no’ only bolstered his resolve. Putting his project on hold, he instead wrote and directed another film, ‘Whiplash’ which received much acclaim. This enabled backing for his ‘crazy’ scheme to finally came together. The result was a critical and financial success, garnering Chazelle an Oscar for best director…making him the youngest ever to win the award.

True, it would be perhaps overly ‘Pollyanna-like’ to suppose that every aspiration will be realized or that darkness is always eclipsed by the light. Sadly, some dreams fall by the wayside and at times injustice appears to rule the day. Despite this, we should ever aim to generate a positive from a negative. The power of each individual is a precious and compelling thing. Whether shaping a better family, community, or forging a life filled with achievements great or small, we should make setbacks or adversity our ally, catapulting our ambition and imagination upward…thereby illuminating our individual existence and our wider world.

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