The Psychic View – A Telling Encounter

By Marjorie Young

I have reflected more than once on the topic of crossing paths with the ‘right person at the right time’ and the intricate ramifications that may then result. As I write this on New Year’s morning, I’ll be exploring another such event…something featured on today’s holiday newscast. Coincidentally, I’d been pondering the subject of my column, but this story removed all doubt from the equation.

The report concerned a man I’ll call ‘Bob.’ In his early eighties, he had lost his wife to illness. Immediately thereafter, he spiraled into an unrelenting depression which continued for six months. He confessed that life had lost all meaning and he was, in fact, just ‘waiting to die.’ But this changed dramatically when carrying out in a chore he found especially vexing; grocery shopping. As he roamed the aisles of the market with a sour expression on his face, he passed a woman pushing her shopping cart. Seated in the cart was her adorable four-year-old daughter, ‘Nora.’ Security cameras captured the moment of the encounter. For some reason, the little girl chose to speak to the grouchy-looking fellow. “Hello, old person,” she began (much to her Mom’s chagrin). “Today is my birthday! Will you give me a hug?”

Bob later confessed that, rather than being annoyed, absolute delight spread through him as he promptly responded; “Can you have a hug?! Of course you can!” He delivered, feeling a measure of joy not experienced since his wife’s passing.

You might assume that would be the end of the story, but no! Somehow, the situation evolved so that little Nora now pays weekly visits to her new friend. The ‘playdates’ prove delightful and meaningful to both child and senior citizen. Nora’s Mom remains mystified, reporting her daughter has grandparents, and is thus not lacking for that type of relationship. Yet what Nora shares with Bob is very real. The little girl even sleeps with a framed photo of her cherished companion wrapped in her arms. And Bob reports that his life once again has meaning and joy…in the form of this loveable lass. Moreover, we can be confident this bond will last the rest of Bob’s life…and perhaps beyond.

While touched by this sweet incident, I am equally intrigued. Some may regard the entire matter as a ‘cute coincidence’…that the captivating tot and the lonely old man ‘just happened’ to cross paths and form a real and powerful attachment out of nowhere! I suppose that could be the case. Others might insist ‘a higher power’ (or even Bob’s late wife) had a hand in it. Or perhaps Nora is an empath, gifted at picking up the emotions of others and, feeling Bob’s sorrow and isolation, felt moved to reach out. Or might there be another explanation; that the two ‘strangers’ were not strangers at all, but rather beings who possessed a powerful bond dating from a previous lifetime or lifetimes? I, for one, would never dismiss this possibility, for it certainly brings about an added dimension to the already affecting episode.

Meanwhile, however we might choose to interpret the event, it remains an eloquent reminder that even the smallest act of kindness or acknowledgement of another may bring about splendid reverberations that enrich our own lives and ripple out to touch so many others. And somehow I feel that is the way life…and the world itself…is truly meant to resonate.

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