The Psychic View – Worlds Apart

By Marjorie Young

I recently had a peculiar encounter at the Ballard Sunday Market, where I go (weather permitting) to do psychic readings. A nice looking young man approached, asking if I believed in a ‘spiritual realm.’ I replied that I did. Then he demanded to know if I was a follower of Jesus. I politely answered that I wasn’t. His reaction was to launch into a harangue, warning that I was ‘doing evil’ and that I’d better change my ways before it was too late. I observed that I was glad that he’d found ‘his truth.’ He retorted that what he believes is THE truth. Again, I said I was happy for him. Dissatisfied, he eventually went on his way…only to reappear on subsequent Sundays to interrupt my sessions, delivering ominous warnings to my clients that they were ‘joining a cult’ and ‘listening to Satan’ by engaging with me. Fortunately, they took it in stride, one telling him pleasantly that she didn’t believe in his religion. (I’m still scratching my head over the ‘cult’ accusation)!

On another recent market day, a visiting church group from Oregon dropped by. They were very sweet and eager to speak with me, as one after another took advantage of my services. None, apparently, found it ‘blasphemous.’ I was almost hoping for a return visit from the ‘disrupter’…wondering how the Church members would have dealt with his views…but he’d taken the day off, apparently.

All this served as a reminder of something I often reflect upon: that we each create our own realities and ‘truths’ and therefore, the very world we live in. Obviously, we all inhabit planet Earth, but at the same time, dwell in our private ‘universe.’ We abide by its rules, regulations and beliefs…often unaware they are the product of outward as well as inward influences (upbringing, religious affiliations or lack thereof, gender, country of origin, etc). While we all must start ‘somewhere,’ I find it sad when, upon reaching maturity, many refrain from looking ‘outside the box’ to consider the myriad options with which to view reality.

We only have to watch the news to bear witness to this. Followers of ISIS believe they are carrying out a ‘higher truth’ by murdering anyone with a different interpretation of their religion…including their fellow Muslims. Or consider the current presidential campaign, where it is clear that there are two Americas (at the VERY least) with diametrically opposed views of the state of the nation and the world. But we need not look beyond our own families to discover vivid contrasts concerning ‘who was the favored one’ growing up, or whose is to blame for an upcoming divorce.

It is fascinating, if frustrating, to observe someone entirely ‘wedded to their truth’…when such matters are so clearly in the eye of the beholder. What a wonderful advantage to step back and view the kaleidoscope of possibilities that existence offers! To close our hearts is akin to living in a mansion with hundreds of rooms, but confining ourselves to the basement. Willingness to explore offers endless rewards and opportunities. There is an astute saying that ‘all wisdom begins with the words ‘I don’t know.’ So why not liberate ourselves FROM ourselves and see where that complex and intriguing journey may take us.

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