Marjorie Young

The Psychic View – The Blind Side

By Marjorie Young

‘Love is blind’…‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’…‘When you fall in love…smoke gets in your eyes.’ These oft-repeated phrases have moved into the realm of cliché. Yet, how maddeningly, even bewilderingly true they are.

The question looms…why do so many remain steadfastly oblivious to very obvious pitfalls? Romantic love is not always the cause, but if it is present, it undoubtedly complicates the situation. But what creates an unwillingness to examine facts, draw rational conclusions, and thereby save ourselves a world of trouble?
One painful instance involves a woman who was brutally assaulted as a college student. She blames herself for not following her instincts to avoid this person. Yet now, years later, she has chosen to date a man with a prison record for the very same type of crime…while finding excuse after excuse for his behavior.

Denial can extend into the business world as well. One woman became entangled with a man claiming to be something of a Hollywood mogul, who shamelessly name-dropped at every opportunity. But this ‘big shot’ apparently had no permanent residence or even a car in his possession. Still, he attempted to raise money for his next ‘sure-fire project’…urging my client to invest. It didn’t require a psychic to understand something was beyond ‘fishy’ here. At last, ‘Sally’ took the obvious step of ‘googling’ him. At once, all sorts of criminal charges came up. And yet, she continues to rationalize her new friend’s behavior…buying into every transparently sham ‘explanation’ the schemer comes up with.

Another client began dating someone he’d met online. On their second date, she became falling-down drunk, creating an embarrassing scene at the party they were attending. Obviously the woman had problems, and as they had only just met, there were no emotional entanglements to unravel. Still, ‘Jim’ turned a blind eye and went on seeing her. The repercussions of her alcohol issues continued to manifest; she hadn’t held down a job in years and had lost her driver’s license. Undeterred, Jim promptly invited her to move in. Within weeks, her destructive behavior became overwhelming, causing him to belatedly order ‘Julie’ to leave. She refused. The situation remains up in the air. Still, if only Jim had backed off at the first sign of trouble, the ensuing legal and psychological mess could have been readily avoided.

Clearly, all the above-mentioned ‘victims’ have issues of their own. Perhaps it’s necessary for some to learn the hard way! But I remain convinced all experiences offer an opportunity to progress. If we do not take that gift, we’re bound to be stuck in a dreary quagmire of negativity, likely leading to depression and hopelessness. Despite the misdeeds of those we become involved with, we tend to forget that WE are choosing them! If we endure one bad situation after another, the one commonality is us! On the bright side, if we take responsibility instead of alleging ‘bad karma’ or the like, we may seize command; consciously steering our lives in a more fruitful direction. But none can make that choice for us. And sadly, many insist on moving forward with their eyes wide shut.

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