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Parking in Ballard is changing.

Changes Coming to On-Street Paid Parking in Ballard

New parking data guides adjustments for 2014

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) today announced changes to on-street parking rates and hours of operation for Seattle in 2014. SDOT sets on-street parking rates based on demand to provide reliable, convenient parking.

Guided by 2014 study results, SDOT will make rate and other on-street parking management changes in 22 areas ( The department will:
· Lower parking rates in five areas
· Raise parking rates in eight areas
· Make seasonal rate adjustments at the Ballard Locks to account for high parking demand in the summer
· Install new pay stations in two different rate areas of Pioneer Square with rates that differ by time of day (lower in the morning and then higher in the afternoon)
· Extend evening paid parking hours in five areas to 8 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.
· Change maximum time limits in one area to encourage turnover

Starting the second week of August, the on-street parking rates in Pike-Pine will change to $2.50/hour. The 2014 Annual Paid Parking Study confirmed that parking in Pike-Pine is often full for much of the afternoon and evening. The rate change is intended to free up a few spaces so Pike-Pine visitors can more reliably find available parking. Following the Pike-Pine rate change, the rate in the north part of Belltown will be lowered by 50 cents to $1.50/hour due to the low parking occupancy compared to performance targets.

Changes in Ballard include:


Ballard’s paid parking area is divided into core and periphery subareas. The core subarea includes NW Market St (between 20th Ave NW and 24th Ave NW) and 22nd Ave NW (between Ballard Ave NW and NW 56th St).

The After 5 p.m. program will me implemented because because occupancy after 7 p.m. is 109%. Parking hours will be extended to 8 p.m. to support reliable visitor access in the early evening. The maximum parking time limit is extended from 2 hrs to 3 hrs after 5 PM.


The periphery subarea includes all Ballard paid parking outside of NW Market St (between 20th Ave NW and 24th Ave NW) and 22nd Ave NW (between Ballard Ave NW and NW 56th St). The rate will be lowered because daytime occupancy is below target at 58%.


The Ballard Locks parking area covers the parking lots south of NW 54th St adjacent to the Ballard Locks.

SDOT will lower the rate because daytime occupancy is below target at 58%.

SDOT’s Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program started in 2010 when the City Council directed that on-street parking rates be set according to specific data measurements. The goal is to help customers find parking within easy walking distance of their destinations, lessen traffic congestion from drivers circling and increase access to business. The objective, written into the Seattle Municipal Code, is to set rates so that one to two spaces are open and available on each block throughout the day.

Further information about these on-street rate changes can be found at:

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