Marjorie Young.

The Psychic View - 'Alien’ Thoughts

By Marjorie Young

An interesting thing happened as I prepared to write this month’s column. I ran the topic of ‘life out there’ by several friends. Their reaction took me by surprise. One responded with a cry of, “Ugh…Aliens! Can’t you write about healing or something instead?” Another greeted the idea with an embarrassed silence, followed by firm suggestions that I reconsider. Instead of discouraging me however, I found their feedback intriguing. Why should the proposition of life beyond our planet prove so unnerving?

The cosmos and its enthralling possibilities quite elude our comprehension on every level. Astronomers, exo-biologists, and mathematicians may spew out formulas calculating the number of galaxies, stars, and planets potentially supporting ‘intelligent life’ all they please. In my opinion neither they, nor I, nor anyone else, can begin to assimilate the mysteries involved, or the actuality of ‘what is.’ At least, all agree that the universe is mind-bogglingly vast. Therefore, why should the obvious premise that myriad life forms inhabit it prove so ridiculous…or even repellent. Merely broaching the topic may engender rolling eyes or condescending looks.

I suppose many are stuck in a time warp. For much of our history, it was assumed that the earth, along with its inhabitants, was the center of all things. The sun and planets revolved around us, creating a comforting confidence concerning our place in the ‘natural order.’ Sadly, in the 16th century, Coperincus dramatically upset the apple cart by proposing that the earth revolved around the sun, rather than the other way around. In later centuries, of course, the rug was further pulled out from under the feet of humanity with the realization that our world was merely a tiny speck in a galaxy gigantic beyond measure…yet that galaxy itself was only an insignificant spot in an unfathomable macrocosm.

Nowadays, while most credit these findings intellectually, they remain emotionally unable to discard the cheering belief that we are the wellspring of everything. This results in a entrenched but illogical state of denial…heaping derision on those who support the thesis of ‘alien’ life. Of course, such scorn extends to reports of UFOs. It is fascinating that, despite the credibility level of many such witnesses…ranging from U.S. Presidents to astronauts, physicists, military leaders, and pilots worldwide, the public at large, as well as the media, stand ready to greet all such accounts with well-rehearsed mockery.

The German philosopher Schopenhauer summed it up well: “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” Truer words were never spoken, and they apply to many areas of ideology. Without doubt, each of us creates the boundaries and ‘limits’ of our own reality; and there we stand, defending our self-created fortress. Sometimes we fight back with weapons, other times with closed minds or ridicule. Yet, though we may resist widening our field of vision, there is certainly more to existence than we are willing to credit. And as my hero Shakespeare reminds us: “There are more things on heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy.” And there always will be!

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