Marjorie Young.

The Psychic View – Second Chances

By Marjorie Young

Not long ago, I heard an unforgettable true story. A Labrador puppy, born blind, was saved from euthanasia when a woman stepped forward to adopt her despite the ‘handicap.’ ‘Lady’ found a happy home with ‘Clare’, especially enjoying daily outings to a nearby, often deserted beach. On these occasions, the dog observed caution, staying by her companion’s side. But one day, a few years later, an extraordinary event occurred. Strolling together at the shore, Lady uncharacteristically ran off, racing ahead while steadfastly ignoring Clare’s commands to return. Bewildered, her owner gave chase, only to see Lady pause, listen intently, then plunge into the surf. Soon, the cause of the Lab’s atypical behavior became clear. A drowning woman was calling desperately for help…and only Lady could hear the call. When the victim, seeing the dog moving toward her, stopped crying out, Clare shouted instructions to continue, permitting Lady to at last locate her and bring her to safety. Thus, the blind Labrador, gifted with a second chance at life, returned the favor in the most meaningful way possible.

A very recent event had a similar theme. A convict had spent fifteen years in prison on drug charges. During his incarceration, he vowed to change. He became clean and sober, and upon his release, found work as a car mechanic. Stopping beside a busy highway to make a repair one day, he was stunned to see a baby crawling towards the road, heading directly into oncoming traffic. Being exactly at the right place at the right time, he was able to snatch up the little girl to preserve her from almost certain death. (The child had somehow wandered from her nearby home). The hero, upon being interviewed, made a direct correlation between getting his life together after prison, and being gifted with the opportunity to save the toddler.

But what if such ‘second chances’ are not so eagerly embraced? An acquaintance of mine appears to be in this unfortunate category. ‘Bill’ is sedentary, overweight, and even turns to gambling to solve his financial issues. On vacation recently with his wife, he became extremely ill. Flying home, he was immediately hospitalized after being diagnosed with a rare infectious disease. His wife was warned that he would likely not recover; in fact, he ‘flat-lined’ twice. Yet against all odds, Bill survived; after a lengthy recuperation, he was able to return to work. Chastised, he now fervently vowed to hereafter cherish his life and, especially, to take better care of himself. However, before more than a few weeks had passed, he was back to his old, destructive habits…once more putting his health in jeopardy by refusing to heed his ‘wake-up call.’

Clearly, ‘second chances’ are a very precious boon. Without doubt, they offer a real, rare, and far-reaching opportunity to reevaluate our existence and establish a more beneficial way of living. Shall we take the new road offered…or instead choose the less profitable, but seductively familiar path? At least, we have been given notice. And as always, the consequences are uniquely ours to own.

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