Ballard Crime Watch: Fight over a falafel, man kicked in face and a pillowcase pilferer

Falafel madness… hungry man breaks leg

May 4 – At the 300 block of Fremont Place North officers responded to an altercation at Sinbad Express that arose when the restaurant ran out of falafels. Officers spoke to the aggressor who was complaining of a broken leg. Officers saw that the suspect’s leg was indeed broken at the shin. Officers reported the aroma of an “intoxicant” permeating from him. The victim told officers that he and his three friends were sitting in Sinbad's eating falafels when the aggressor and another man tried to order the same delicious food. Sinbad Express had just sold their last falafel to the victim’s female friend. The aggressor became indignant and made rude remarks to her. He told her that she had big eyes and that she looked like she was on crack. The victim told the man to leave her alone and then in a hunger-fueled rage the aggressor rampaged and slapped the victim three times across his cheek. Stunned, the victim reacted in a falafel furry and Bruce Lee’d (punched) the starved brute in the face, lacerating his brow. The two tussled in the lounge before the surprised and agitated kitchen staff pulled the men apart. No one knew exactly when the falafel fiend broke his leg, but concluded it must have occurred during the scuffle. The hungry aggressor was transported to Ballard Community Hospital.

Bar brawler kicks man in face

May 3 – At the 4900 block of Leary Avenue Northwest officers responded to an assault outside a bar. When officers arrived on the scene Seattle Fire Department was already there providing medical care to the victim. A witness told officers that he did not see the whole incident but did see two males standing over the victim. One of the suspects kicked the victim in the face, knocking him unconscious. The second suspect then pulled the aggressor away and they fled, running north. Another witness told officers that the altercation started in the bar and that after kicking the victim in the face the suspects drove off in a silver Chevrolet truck. Once revived, the victim said that he did not remember what happened and that he did not want medical attention, though his mouth was bleeding, and his teeth were pushed back a few millimeters.

Pillowcase pilferer makes off with goods

May 1 – At the 600 block of Carkeek Park Road officers responded to a burglary at a residence. The complainant told officers that when he arrived home he saw the suspect in the back yard holding a pillowcase full if items. The suspect hopped the fence and ran off into the night. The complainant went inside and saw that the back door had been kicked in and his master bedroom had been rifled through. Stolen items were not disclosed but the estimated value was $200.

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