Photo courtesy of Cindi Rinehart

Emmy Awards, the one that almost got away

By Cindi Rinehart

Just so ya know, in the world of television, there are Regional Emmy Awards (The ones you never see on TV) and National Awards that you have probably seen or heard of. There are many categories such as The Best Local News cast, best show, best talent, best reporter, best producer etc. etc. etc. It’s important to note here that they also add and subtract categories every year. In my world, winning an Emmy is everything. I was just as taken in as the next talent and every year I would scramble to package the very best show and send it in hoping to snag the gold. Over the years I was nominated for an Emmy in categories like,Outstanding Talent ,best Entertainment segment, best entertainment series for 13 times. It just seemed that there wasn’t a category that I fit in. I even sent in my exclusive interview with Barbara Walters from New York and it didn’t even get nominated! One year, I was nominated in two categories! I was so excited that I called my Mom and said, “Mom, I got nominated twice this year! She screamed, “What categories, honey?” I yelled back back, “Outstanding Talent and Other!!” She said, “Outstanding Talent and what other??” I said, “That’s it, they added another category called Other and what’s best about that Mom is that I’m the ONLY one in that category!” I still didn’t win, and if you can’t win in Other, what category could I win in? It was so bad that folks used to say to me, “Gee, you’re just like Susan Lucci.” They said that because Susan was nominated for Best Daytime actress12 times for her role as Erica Kane on All My Children and finally won the coveted Emmy on her 12th nomination. When she won, Shemar Moore (Malcolm on The Young and The Restless) said, “And the winner for Best Actress on a Daytime drama?? The streak is over! Susan Lucci!” I was thrilled for Susan.

Every time I got nominated, my hubby, Jim and I dressed to the nines and packed my car with all the necessary items for the “after I lose” camping trip to the mountains, we packed the tent, grubby jeans, twice bakes potatoes, steaks, grill and mass amounts of the brown stuff. We would valet park the car. Go in and mingle and eat lose and leave. I remember one year, a couple girls came up to me that were nominated in the same category and blurted out, “We’re gonna beat you again this year too!!” “How totally mean,” I thought. I thought that Jim was going to strangle them but he was a gentleman and said nothing. I simply smiled and said, “Good luck.” (There’s that damn high road thing again!). We just welked away and took our seats. MWhen it came time for my category, the announcer said, “And the winner is, the streak is broken, Cindi Rinehart!!” Now, normally at the local Emmy’s when someone wins, the only folks that stand up and cheer are the television station that the winner works at. When I ran up to the podium to accept my Emmy, I turned around and the whole damn room stood and cheered and applauded. I just couldn’t stop the tears. Applauded by my own peers! How Sweet! I thanked everyone, jumped in the usher’s arms and he carried me back to my table! What a night!! Jim and I hung around accepting all the congrats as long as I could. Jim winked at me and I quickly bowed out, grabbed on my camping grubbies and we waited for the valet while folks just stared at the two bums holding a “gold thing.” Oh, the category I was in yet another newbie. “Outstanding Talent, NON NEWS.” Whatever.

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