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The Psychic View – Action or Inaction?

By Marjorie Young

There is a well-known saying that ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ And it is all too true that well-meaning words or deeds can result in decidedly negative consequences. Ever try to ‘smooth things over’ with a warring couple, only to find them both turning on you for ‘meddling’? Ever give counsel to someone at a difficult cross-roads, only to have them later ‘blame’ you for the choice that was ultimately theirs to make?

Some philosophies teach that detachment is the way to view events…whether on a personal or global scale. Wars, famines, struggles, are the result of ‘karma’ or ‘the tides of history’ and thus fated to occur. The actress Shirley MacLaine reported a sojourn to Thailand where she witnessed an infant fall off a tiny boat. The mother observed it as well, yet made no move to intervene…for ‘destiny’ decreed her child should drown…to rescue it would make her guilty of an ‘incorrect action.’ This is something we, as Westerners, can hardly comprehend. Yet, political and military elite in our own country speak blandly of ‘collateral damage’ during our armed interventions…knowing full well such ‘damage’ includes innocent civilians…including children.

It is a truism that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ All our doings manifest ripples that spread out into the world, in ways we may or may not anticipate. This is perhaps most obvious in the parent-child relationship. Childhood joys and travails affect the rest of our lives, including how we eventually treat our own children. Therefore, reverberations are observed through endless generations.

If we truly consider our power to benefit or hinder others, we may become paralyzed with doubt. Must we endlessly weigh our every thought and deed? Clearly, this would be neither feasible nor advisable. On the other hand, should we do the opposite and act with utter disregard to the consequences?

I believe the best we can strive for is to first search our hearts, then carry on…to act with ‘good intentions.’ The motives for our undertakings are relevant and pertinent. Is the spirit in which we act valid…and is the potential recipient willing to receive what we may offer? We should aim to reflect fully, even to ‘purify’ our minds, before launching our own ‘intervention.’ Will that assure the results will be positive or well-received? Quite possibly not! We cannot fathom the thought processes of the recipient, nor foresee all the ramifications ultimately unleashed by our doings. Others may come to label us ‘blameworthy,’ ‘busybodies’ or something far more colorful! And if we are repeatedly criticized for ‘unwanted meddling’ then we should perhaps consider that we may be guilty as charged.

Yet, acting with sincere ‘good intentions’ goes a long way in developing our own spirit and insight and may ultimately manifest something positive in return. For me, ‘detachment’ does not mean opting out of life and observing it coolly from afar. Rather, it requires that we put forward our best efforts, then ‘let go’…comprehending the aftermath will not be ours to determine.

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