Ballard Crime Watch: Back-door bandit buys gift card, motor cycle squatters rampage, highbrow thief takes nothing, child's coin collection pilfered

Paranoid bank robber takes cash, leaves prints

Feb. 10 at the 8700 block of Holman Road Northwest, officers responded to a reported bank robbery. En route to the scene dispatch told officers that the suspect had left the scene. They confirmed that when they arrived and made contact with bank employees. The complainant told officers that the suspect entered the bank and was standing in the entryway for a while. Then the suspect handed the complainant a note that told the complainant that he was armed and to hand over available money with no tracers or trackers hidden in the bills. The complainant handed the suspect all available money and the alarm was activated as the suspect fled. The suspect’s fingerprints were recovered from the scene.

Thief unimpressed with goods

Feb. 9 at the 6500 block of 21st Avenue Northwest officers responded to a reported burglary /forced entry. The complainant told officers that the day before the suspect had left for a few hours and when he returned he found his back door pried open. The dead bolt locks were ripped off the door. The complainant told officers that no entry was made and that nothing was taken.

Motorcycle squatters try to get cozy

Feb 8 at the 3600 block of 1st Avenue Northwest officers were dispatched to a attempted burglary in progress. The house was all boarded up and there was a large “No Trespassing” sign on the front door. It was evident that the house was vacant with no one living there. The complainant is a neighbor to the vacant house and told dispatch that he had seen squatters and some drug use at the house in the past. He reported to dispatch that he had seen two males arrive on motorcycles there and that they pried off the plywood securing the front door and entered the house. When officers arrived the motorcycles were still there and so officers secured the perimeter and made contact with the suspects. The two suspects told officers that they knew they were not supposed to be there and that they had slept there before. They told officers that although they did not know the owner of the house, they broke in to take back some tools they said were stolen.

Back door bandit takes wallet and buys gift card

Feb. 4 at the 5300 block of 15th Avenue Northwest officers responded to wallet theft. The complainant works at a store and when he arrived he hung up his coat and left his wallet in the coat. Five minutes later while he was working at the front of the store he received a phone call from his bank alerting him of possible fraudulent charges made on his card at a store not far from him. He went to check his coat for his wallet but it was gone. He suspected the thief came in through the back door because it "sticks sometimes." The suspect made a $450 gift card purchase, but the complainant was able to get it refunded. Video footage of the thief making the purchase was collected for evidence.

Madness... a child’s coin collection pilfered

Feb. 2nd at the 8100 block of 8th Avenue Northwest officers responded to a reported burglary. The complainants told officers that they had left the house for the weekend with the kids and when they returned they found their back door ajar. A coin jar, its case and some jewelry were stolen. Two jewelry boxes were submitted for evidence and for fingerprints.

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