Ballard Crime Watch: Drunk napkin thief flees, ladder thief strikes twice, neat thief gets dirty

Not a good time to be a screen window

Drunk napkin thief flees the scene after charging his phone.

Jan. 27 at the 5300 of Ballard Avenue N.W. officers responded to a reported burglary at a bar/nightclub. The manager of the bar told officers that while the bar was closed he found a man in an employee area and confronted him. The suspect appeared intoxicated. The manager told the suspect to leave, and the suspect told the manager that he was just there charging his phone. The manager told him to leave again, threatening to call the police. The suspect left but took with him a pile of black napkins and said, “You’re lucky all I took were these napkins.” The manger followed the suspect out of the building and took picture of him with his phone as the suspect threw most of the napkins to the street. The manager told officers that the suspect must have gained access through an unsecured side door. He showed officers a picture of the suspect and officers immediately recognized him as suspect they had arrested in the past for numerous liquor and trespassing violations. Officers searched the area but the suspect was not located.

Wallet thief prefers decaf

Jan. 26 officers responded to a burglary/forced entry at the 300 block of 82nd Street. The owner of the home told officers that the night before, a thief had broken through a screen window to get into the house while she was asleep. The suspect rifled through a purse and removed a wallet. The complainant found her drivers license in a cup in the kitchen. Later the complainant found her wallet in the back yard on top of the recycling bin. Trash was strewn about. The complainant thought nothing had been taken. Officers dusted for prints but were unable to recover any.

Ladder thief strikes twice

Jan. 26 officers responded to a burglary at the 900 block of N.W. 96th Street. The complainant told officers that while she was away a suspect gained access by using a ladder to reach and break through a second story window. The complainant told officers that an undetermined amount of jewelry was taken from her bedroom closet. Officers found a 40-foot ladder leaning up against the house in the back yard. Officers noted that the suspect had rummaged through several closets and furniture was tipped over. The complainant noted that her neighbors had also reported a burglary the day before.

Neat thief
Jan. 26 at the 600 block of N.W. 82nd Street officers responded to a burglary/ forced entry. The complainant told officers that while he was away the suspect gained access by removing a window screen and sliding open an unlocked window. The suspect stole items from the master bedroom. Nothing was damaged inside or outside of the house. No fingerprints were recovered.

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