Ballard Crime Watch: Door dingers, church robber and a peeping Tom

Gloveless door dinger leaves prints on bulb
On Dec. 20 at the 7500 block of 24th Avenue  N.W.  officers responded to a burglary forced entry at an apartment building.  Officers found the complainant and she explained that her friend lived at the apartment and has motion sensor cameras at his address that alerts his cell phone. He was alerted when the cameras recorded a man in a gray jacket attempting to break through his apartment door with a pry bar. He called the complainant she arrived on the scene to see the damaged door.  She said that the motion activated porch light was off when she arrived due to a partially unscrewed light bulb. The complainant showed the officers the video and it was apparent the suspect was not wearing gloves to the light bulb was submitted for evidence.
Temporary resident gets robbed at church
On Dec. 24 officers responded to a burglary at a church on the 8500 of 14th Avenue N.W. Officers spoke with the complainant and she said she has a temporary room there and has been having security concerns. When she went the bathroom located down the hall from her room she locked the door. She said she was gone for five minutes and when she returned to her room she noticed the door to her room was unlocked. She could not find her cell phone so called it from a phone down the hall and heard it in her room. After finding her phone she noticed her iPad mini and wallet were missing. The manager of said that 50 people from various organizations have keys to the church so it would be hard to isolate a suspect.
Glad to visit America
Dec. 21 at the  7700 block of 29th Avenue N.W.  officers responded to a burglary. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the two complainants. They said that the two were married and that they drove downtown to see the Christmas lights at approximately 7:30 p.m. and retuned a few hours later. They thought that they had locked all the doors before leaving. When they arrived home they saw muddy footprints in the hallway, kitchen and sunroom.  There were dresser drawers opened and some personal items missing.  Officers traced muddy prints to a window in the sunroom and they opened a window to see it was unlocked.  Kitchen cabinets in the kitchen were opened and plastic bags strewn about. Officers suspected the suspect had used plastic bags found in the kitchen to carry out any stolen goods. Complainants said there was MacBook pro used for work that was missing. The mother and father, visiting from Iran, said one of they was missing a laptop and currency of varying amounts from numerous currencies. Estimated loss was $4,944.
Peeping tom attempts to break in through window
Dec. 22 at the 1100 block of 115 Street officers responded to a report that a suspect tried t o enter a woman’s residence while she was sleeping. When officers arrived they found the complainant and her boyfriend. Her apartment was on the ground floor. She said that she was lying in her bed with no clothing on at about midnight and she heard a rustling near her window. The blinds were closed, but when she looked she saw a shadow of a man but could not see his face. She ran out of the room to cover herself and called her boyfriend.  When he arrived he looked outside the window and noticed the screen was partially removed. No fingerprints could be taken from the window because they were covered in rain.

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