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Justin Freet (right) and Nate Quiroga act out a scene in Every Day Is A Journey.

Local film group shoots scenes in Ballard and Crown Hill

Ballard and Crown Hill were popular filming areas for a local film group, and now they are releasing the footage.

Seattle film team, RAWSTOCK Media Group, will be debuting their series-film “Everyday Is A Journey” on YouTube throughout the week of their film festival, Klausterfokken, which occurs on Dec. 11 at the Northwest Film Forum.

The locations the filmmakers chose to use were Carkeek Park, Ballard Commons Park and Taj Yoga Studio.

“With many of us living on the north end it just made sense to shoot scenes where it was convenient,” said RAWSTOCK producer and actor, Dylan Noebels.

The film is a satirical and dark comedy that tells a crime-drama story about small time con artists and yoga aficionados mixed up in kidnapping, extortion and murder. The film is littered with symbolic irony and humor.

Much of the story evolves around a yoga instructor and his student, so the crew needed to find a yoga studio. Noebels, who plays a yoga student and protagonist in the film, is also a yoga instructor at Taj Yoga Studio. He referred the studio to the crew and they found that it provided a perfect place to shoot. It also allowed the producers to not change the script and use much of its “yoga” humor.

“Yoga is so popular these days and because of that there is so much to make fun of and that’s what the beginning does. …There is a yoga pose called Plow Pose, so we made up an awkward looking pose called Aggressive Plowman and its pretty funny to see the actresses pull it off,“ said Noebels

“Everyday Is A Journey “ is not your typical film with one director and a standard linear plot formula. RAWSTOCK created the film with six chapters in mind and used six different directors to create each chapter. Each segment uses the same characters but how these characters interact were independently decided, where each director needed to pickup the threads left by the last.

“Every director really tried to screw up the next director as much as they could and twist the plot into a corner so that is was as difficult as possible for the next director to carry on the thread,” said Noebels.

The concept of the film is the brainchild of RAWSTOCK co-founder, Justin Freet. He thought it would be interesting concept and something he had never tried.

He wrote the first chapter and pitched the idea to other Seattle directors and writers. Soon many Seattle filmmakers wanted to be a part of the experiment.

“Its truly an organic movie. It was alive and you never knew where it was going to go after one director took over,” said Freet.

The film features many Seattle filmmakers such as Nick Perleros, Will Russell, Christian Palmer, Jason Reid and Ian Connors. It also features writer Damon Agnos and Seattle’s musical group Iska Dhaff’s, Nate Quiroga.

“It was a motley crew of Seattle indie film makers that are established in their own ways and with so many different creative perspectives it is amazing that we pulled it off. … We had people with kids and people working on documentaries or music and it’s amazing we all held on and finished,” said Freet.

The film wrapped up shooting in 2011 and a few of the six episodes were aired online or at different film events. However, “Everyday Is A Journey” was never shown in its entirety. RAWSTOCK has now edited the film and plans to release in succession each of the six parts every day on YouTube starting Dec 8. The entire film with bonus clips will be shown on the seventh day.

“There are so many different creative ideas happening in the film – some I liked and others I didn’t, but that’s what the project was all about. … Now that its finished there’s so much to love, and I’m very happy with it, ” said Freet.

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