The Psychic View – ‘Third Party’ Readings

By Marjorie Young

One of the most fascinating aspects of my psychic work is that I am often the recipient of tidings aimed not at my clients, but rather those in their circle; friends, loved ones, work-place acquaintances. Though I am in no way attempting to ‘connect’ with these people, their circumstances are revealed to me with clarity. Of course, I pass on those messages without fail, hoping they will be delivered to the ‘third party’ involved.

I’ve reported previously concerning a session where urgent warning was provided for my client’s mother; that she had a dangerous, as yet undiagnosed, medical condition called ‘cardiomyopathy.’ At my urging, she had her mother consult a doctor that very day. He immediately hospitalized her, undoubtedly saving her life. Of course, the goal of the original appointment had been to simply focus upon the daughter rather than her mom. Yet there was ‘something out there’ that provided me with that imperative information.

Some months ago, during a consultation for ‘Angela,’ news came through for someone else – her female friend from the British Isles. ‘Jackie’ suffered from severe high blood pressure, and I perceived she was pregnant and experiencing terrible anxiety concerning her unborn child. Furthermore, she had previously suffered a number of miscarriages. I urged my client to tell ‘Jackie’ that she would, without doubt, give birth to a healthy baby this time. My client was clearly surprised, but readily agreed to pass on the positive missive. And some time later, a new client came for a reading, revealing that she was the ‘Jackie’ I’d spoken of; and indeed, she’d given birth to a beautiful baby girl three months before.

Another instance featured a revelation that a client’s brother, living in another state, had turned to drugs; something of which ‘Josh’ (and indeed the rest of the family) was completely unaware. However, he contacted his sibling, eventually convincing him to seek help.

For better or worse, not all communiques are passed on or heeded. It was very sad for me when a young child, who had died from unexpected illness, reached out during a reading for his aunt. ‘Billy’ urgently wished to ‘speak’ with his mother, but either his aunt couldn’t bring herself to convey this plea, or ‘Billy’s’ mom was unwilling or unable to believe in the possibility of communication from the other side.

The question of course remains; where does this guidance come from, and how is it possible to ‘tune in’ to someone not there with me? For this, I have no ready answer. During the course of a session, information is bestowed by a source that has never chosen to identify itself. It is certainly NOT ‘within’ me. No, it is external, but flows through me. It is perhaps akin to immersing oneself in the ocean. We are separate from the water, yet in some way, united with it. But whatever its limitless knowledge, I am grateful it chooses to share itself with me, and through me, it flows onward to those who are meant to receive it.

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