Ballard Crime Watch: Architect firm broken into, treasure trove of change stolen, wouldbe burglaries

Architect firm broken into

Sept. 27, 11:39 p.m., 3900 Block of Leary Way NW -- An architect firm, Stannard Conway Architects, was broken into, but little if anything was stolen.

A resident of the basement underneath the business said he had heard a sound around 10:30 p.m., but didn't investigate it. He came out of his apartment later, shortly before police came, and discovered a ladder propped up to an open window to the office. However, he could see no one inside the business, which is inside a fully fenced and walled yard which contains other businesses.

The exterior doors were still securely locked and the alarm had not gone off inside the business. A drafting table inside the open window was broken. Nothing appeared to be missing and very little appeared to be disturbed.

The owner of the office said there was an alarm in the next room, so if the wouldbe burglar had gone any further, he likely would have tripped it.

Burglar steals laptop, makes a mess

Sept. 28, 9:08 p.m., 3000 Block of NW 62nd St -- A burglar broke into a house by forcing his way through the back door and stole an Apple laptop. The victim was unsure anything else was missing, though she said the burglar had gone through her kitchen and both bedrooms. All of the kitchen cabinets were open, her box of DVDs were moved, all the drawers were opened in her bedroom, the spare room was rifled through, a piece of the piano was broken off and placed to the side and two pictures were laid face down on the piano.

The victim said she may have accidentally left the rear door unlocked. She also reported that a beat-up gray Toyota Camry was parked out in front of her house for several days. When she came home to the burglary, the Camry was gone.

A treasure trove of change stolen

Sept. 29, 12:27 p.m., 7700 Block of 31st Ave NW -- A man came home to find items scattered around inside the residence and the rear door forced open. The victim said the burglar seemed selective in the items that he stole. The only items the victim noticed missing were $200 worth of change and an old iPad 2.

More expensive electronics -- iPods, laptop computer, stereo equipment and a digital camera -- were left sitting out in plain sight and appeared undisturbed by the burglar.

The police noticed that the burglar attempted to gain entry through two separate windows on the west side of the residence. Lawn chairs were pushed up against the windows and the screens were taken off. The officer noticed small imprints of hands on the windows. The backdoor had small pry marks directly in front of the deadbolt and the door frame was cracked in two.

The three tin cans which had change in them were taken into evidence to check for prints. The victim did not suspect anyone in particular of committing the crime.

Who went through my closet?

Sept. 29, 11:50 a.m., 6700 Block of 21 Ave NW -- While nothing seems to have been taken, a burglar sneaked into a house through an unlocked window, rifled through the victim's closet, and snuck out the same way. The papers that the burglar went through did have some banking information. However, several computers were left undisturbed. There were no fingerprints for the officer to take.

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