Ballard Crime Watch: Man hit with bong; Money lifted from grocery store till; vacant home burglarized

Bicycles stolen from secured garage

Sept. 14, between 4:30 and 5:10 a.m., 5500 Block of 14th Ave NW -- Two suspects entered a secured parking garage by key, which was taken from the Knox Box outside the door. The burglars stole at least two bicycles -- one of which was a $5,000 specialized mountain bike -- from the tenants. They also entered the common areas and the elevator, as can be seen via surveillance video.

The Knox Box was not tampered with, suggesting the suspects had a master key to access it. The owner of the building said that they have already replaced all of the locks and electronic locks, making all of the keys and key fobs obsolete. The Knox Box itself is not being used due to the security compromise.

Wouldbe burglar gets interrupted

Sept. 20, 9:26 a.m., 8000 Block of NW 90th St -- An alarm sounded off and when responding officers got to the scene, they observed a suspect leaving on foot. When the officers walked up to the residence, they saw that it was burglarized.

They made contact with the suspect on foot, who was just getting into a car at 7 Ave NW and NW 90th St. He didn't seem surprised when they told him they thought he burglarized the house. He was identified and released.

Back at the residence, the door had been pried open. The suspect had apparently piled up several electronic items, musical equipment and tools in the garage, as if he was getting ready to load them up into a possible vehicle. The suspect had gone through the whole house opening up drawers and taking televisions out of their cabinets. However, all the items were still in the house, as if he had been interrupted.

The owner had left the house at 5 a.m. and said nobody had permission to go in the house.

Man hit with bong in scuffle over marijuana money

Sept. 21, 5:40 p.m., 9700 Block of Holman Rd NW -- A verbal fight between two friends quickly escalated into a physical scuffle on what otherwise would have been a tame hangout watching football.

The fight started when the victim confronted the suspect about how he owed him $20 for a bag of marijuana that was handed over earlier. For some reason the argument didn't stop and the victim was told to leave. The victim said he was getting all his stuff together when he decided to pick up the bag of marijuana. The suspect said leave it, but the victim said he was owed. Still, he was about to put it down when he was suddenly hit in the face, by the right eye, with a glass bong.

The victim started bleeding profusely from the wound and started "freaking out." The suspect yelled at his girlfriend to "get the knife," but when the suspect saw his friend's face, he immediately said "I'm sorry man, can't we put this behind us?"

Still bleeding, the victim said no, and told the suspect to look at his "F---ing face!"

The victim left the house, calmed down in the car, called his mom and went to go get stitches. The suspect had apparently made a separate report as well, but the report was not on file for the Ballard News-Tribune to view.

Money lifted from grocery store till

Sept. 21, 4:35 a.m., 1400 Block of NW Market St -- Someone stole money from the cash register. When the caller talked to police, he showed officers that the drawer was unable to be closed. The drawer and the tray inside had been touched by multiple employees after the theft, which made gathering fingerprints useless. Security video showed the suspect prying the drawer open and exiting the store.

Laptop and cell phone stolen in break-in

Sept. 22, 3:27 a.m., 8000 Block of 19th Ave NW -- A burglar cut the screen of a window and made his way through an unsecured window. He stole a laptop computer and a cell phone. He also left a bottle of soda on the victim's desk. The responding officer took photos of the scene and was able to lift a fingerprint from the bottle of soda, which was forwarded for lab analysis.

Vacant home burglarized

Sept. 22, 6:09 p.m., 4000 Block of 3rd Ave NW -- A vacant home with belongings from the previous owner still in it was burglarized. A good friend of the owner, who had moved to Arizona, said the home had been up for sale but kept it furnished for sales purposes. The home was reportedly sold and the friend made arrangements to move all of the previous owner's belongings into storage.

Of the items taken, the most unique was the victim's 1985 class ring from from an Idaho school. In the closet was a half-empty bottle of Coke with rum in it. Two additional bottles of tequila and a bottle of rum, all consumed, were also found. All of the bottles were turned in for evidence and prints.

The previous owner's friend said she would let the real estate company know of the incident.

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