Ballard Crime Watch: Man vs. House, woman distraught after burglary, bicycle seat gets stolen

The mystery of the disappearing bicycle seat

Sept. 16, 9:34 a.m., 6000 Block of 36th Ave NW -- An unknown suspect entered a secure parking garage of an apartment complex and stole the seat to a woman's bicycle. The bicycle was locked inside a fenced-in area in the parking garage at the time of theft. Entry was not forced into the garage or the fence. No suspect information was available at the time of report and no evidence was found at the scene.

Burglar steals jewelry, MacBook

Sept. 13, 8:29 p.m., 21st Ave NW -- A woman was noticeably upset after her home had been burglarized. A little bit incoherent and unable to stay on topic, she said she worked long hours and had been away from her house for about 12 hours. When she arrived home, she discovered that someone had been in her residence, rifled through her dresser drawers and bedroom closet, and that her cat was missing. (The cat was later found in the basement, undisturbed.)

The victim said she was missing $20,000 in jewelry and a MacBook Pro. Her televisions, credit cards and checkbooks were left undisturbed.

According to the officer, it looked as if the burglar forced his way through a window and damaged the coffee table right underneath it. The officer could find no latent prints and it appeared the burglar was wearing gloves. A neighbor said he didn't see anyone of suspicion all day, but did point out that other houses in the neighborhood had been burglarized.

The officer was unable to find any other evidentiary evidence at the scene. He advised the victim on how to improve security and gave her followup forms, telling her to make a detailed list of everything that was missing.

House ransacked, forks and spoons stolen

Sept. 14, 11:30 p.m., 8300 Block of 20th Ave NW -- A woman left her house on an out-of-town, all-day trip on Sept. 12 and came back to a ransacked house.

The burglar appeared to make his way in through the window, toppling over a lamp and getting dirt on the rug. He stole forks and spoons -- though they were not silver and not valuable -- and a few other negligible items. Among the items he did not steal were numerous electronics, jewelry, a jar of change and other valuables.

Man tries to singlehandedly destroy house

Sept. 16, 9:34 a.m., 6000 Block of 3600 Ave NW -- A vacant house still under construction was severely damaged by an unknown person. The suspect broke out several windows and stole a couple of clothes from the basement area, but no tools or items of value were taken. The owner reported that the amount of damage to the house was in the thousands.

The officer said it appeared the suspect was working with mostly the intention to cause as much damage as possible. He twisted the steel mailbox and bent it beyond repair, put several holes in the exterior walls, tore down tyvek sheeting and temporary gutters, shattered both full-length windows in the back of the house, broke out two double pane windows and flipped over a charcoal grill.

Inside, the suspect went ape with a hammer, damaging several walls, destroying an interior door, smashing a potted plant and messing up several window blinds. Apparently, in the basement, the suspect changed into stolen clothes, leaving his soiled ones behind.

The officer asked if there was a disgruntled ex-contractor or any other person who may have caused this, but the owner said he couldn't think of anyone and said he thought it was someone who was mentally disturbed. The officer looked for evidence or any sign of motive but came up empty handed.

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