Ballard Crime Watch: 'White Rabbit' fails at burglary; woman mugged outside bar; teenager robbed at Golden Gardens

The "white rabbit" fails attempt at burglary

August 10, 4:58 a.m., 8800 Block of 28th Ave NW -- A man who referred to himself as the "white rabbit" attempted a burglary on an unattached garage of a house. The burglar took a red reflector attached to a three-foot twisted metal rod from a neighbor's house and was using it to pry at the door.

When the homeowner heard the noise, he came out to confront the suspect and told him to stop and leave. The suspect did, even shutting the gate door as he left, walking at a brisk pace down 29th Ave NW.

The homeowner describes the suspect as an unknown white male, wearing a dark coat, underwear, barefoot and holding a red shirt in his hands. The homeowner said the suspect appeared to be mentally disabled in some way.

Woman mugged outside of bar

August 11, 2:30 a.m., intersection of Greenwood Ave N and N 84th St -- An intoxicated woman flagged down a police officer and claimed a black man had pushed her on the shoulders, grabbed her iPhone and black purse and took off running 15 minutes prior outside of a bar. She had no other details except that he was black.

The woman had a hard time staying focused while talking to the police officer, but the officer was able to drive her to a friend's house in Shoreline. While driving her, the woman was erratic, crying for her mother at one moment, acting extremely excited that they were going the right direction at another moment.

Business broken into, but not much stolen

August 12, 6 a.m., 6500 Block of Phinney Ave N -- An unknown suspect smashed the window of a Phinney Ridge business with a rock and took a credit card reader. The till appeared untouched and had cash sitting in it.

When the officer arrived in the morning, the rock was lying on the counter, slightly dewy and had a small slug on it. (Is there a deeper meaning to this?)

Officers are tying to followup to see if they can get any hints from the business owners' credit card company.

Ballard High School student robbed at Golden Gardens

August 12, 10:25, 8400 Block of Seaview Place NW, Golden Gardens -- A young man was at Golden Gardens Park with his friends when things turned sour. He became separated from them when he was walking near the restrooms at the dog park area above the beach area when he was robbed.

A short, black, possibly mixed race man wearing a beanie walked toward him from a distance. He stopped, pulled a gun from his waistband what looked like a silver handgun and placed the barrel to the back of the victim's head. The suspect told him to give him his cell phone and wallet.

Understandably scared, the young man gave the man his phone and wallet and the man walked off, joining another unknown person. The victim ran into some people he knew from high school, told them about the incident, and they provided a possible suspect. The victim told police officers, "I can probably figure out who robbed me," noting that he can probably call around to friends to find out.

He had tried checking his computer to try and track the location of his cellphone, but the computer said his phone was not in service.

The victim's wallet had his Washington Driver's Licens, his school ID and $30. The phone was a white iPhone 4S.

The victim said he was not injured and declined any medical assistance.

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