Ballard Crime Watch: Card Kingdom broken into, burglaries abound

The car is not where we left it

August 2, 8:22 a.m., 9200 Block of 6th Ave NW -- Residents woke up to find their house had been burglarized, but that their car had been moved. After being gone for a couple days, they saw that their garage door was pried open and about two feet off the ground. Their car was unlocked by the suspect and moved. The residents suspect that the suspect has their remote key fob, which was stolen during a previous burglary. Nothing was taken and no prints were found.

Victim of burglary fast asleep

August 2, 2:24 p.m., 1440 Block of 1st Ave NW -- An unknown suspect kicked down the front door of a house and proceeded to steal as the victim was laying on the living room couch, obliviously asleep. The burglar stole $4,600-worth of items.

Burglary happens suspiciously after pest control visit

August 2, 2:03 p.m., 9000 Block of Greenwood Ave N -- A bug's worst nightmare also became a resident's problem. Not long after pest control came to spray for bed bugs, which had forced the resident out of his house, five boxes of shoes went missing. The resident had 35 boxes of shoes in all, all stacked up neat and tidy before pest control came, but later that night after he had left and came back again, the boxes were shuffled around and clearly not the way he left them. The victim wasn't sure what type of shoes were missing, but thinks they are athletic shoes size 9 and 1/2 valued between $80 and $100 a pair. In all, about $500 was lost. The pest control company said they would be looking into it and would find out who the employees were. The employees work for the Seattle Housing Authority.

A burglar makes off with foreign currency

August 2, 10:13 p.m., 7800 Block of 8th Ave NW -- A burglar forced open a resident's backdoor and had apparently tried to crack open a safe but was unsuccessful, as he left it on the kitchen counter. He also rummaged through the resident's jewelry and took an unknown amount of foreign currency, perhaps for whatever international vacation he has planned. About $200-worth of damage was done to the door.

Maybe a burglary, maybe not

August 2, 11:38 p.m., 5700 Block of Greenwood Ave N -- After being gone for a few days, a man came to his home to find that his back door was open. He believed it was a burglary, and when he checked inside there were numerous expensive electronics and tools scattered about. However, he was unsure if anything was taken. He said there was a family friend who was watering the plants, but he shouldn't have had any keys to the residence. There were no signs of a forced entry.

Geeky burglars try to ransack Card Kingdom

August 3, 5:45 p.m., 5100 Block of Leary Ave NW -- Two burglars had forced their way through the door of Cafe Mox, the side business to Card Kingdom on Leary Way, and gained access to the second floor, where inventory is kept. When the alarm tripped, the burglars scrambled up to the ceiling, stepping on boxes and climbing up shelves, to break it.

The alarm security also had cameras and were able to take footage of the suspects breaking in. The responding police officer was able to lift prints off of a couple of game boxes which had been removed from the display space and put on the floor. The officer also noticed that the burglars tried to pry into a cabinet door but were unsuccessful.

In all, $800-worth of damage was done to the broken down door and $150-worth of damage was done to the shattered alarm. At the time of the police report, no inventory was reported to have been lost.

Sleeping family unaware of burglar breaking in

August 3, 6:44 a.m., 7300 Block of 9th Ave NW -- Four people were sleeping in the house, but no one stirred when a burglar crept in. Not even the dog was alerted.

The victim had left her purse on the couch, in plain view of the window. When she woke up, she found the purse in the backyard, its contents dumped out, with her black wallet and sunglasses missing. She said the wallet contained $800 cash, credit cards, a WA State Driver's License and a check from her grandparents, who were two of the four people staying at the house currently.

The suspect gained entry through the south side basement window, where he left a full hand print on the window that slid open. However, despite the obvious print, there were no fingerprints and it appeared the suspect had gloves on. No identifying hints were left behind.

The police officer said most likely the suspect took her purse and exited out the back door. The officer provided home safety ideas, tips on how to avoid identity theft and followed up with the grandparents who had the check in their name stolen. They had the bank cancel the check but they couldn't close their account over the phone.

Alarm scares off burglar

August 4, 3:08 p.m., 7300 Block of 9th Ave NW -- After going camping for a few days, a woman came back home to see someone had attempted a burglary. the dresser drawers in her bedroom had been rummaged through and her jewelry box had also been dumped. However, nothing was taken as an audible alarm caused the wouldbe burglar to flee. The suspect forced an entry through a window, leaving obvious handprints and breaking the latch. However, the woman cleaned the window before police arrived, figuring that the report would be taken over the phone.

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