Ballard Crime Watch: Another Ballard Ave brawl, drunk man mugged by 'some dudes,' minor burglaries

Deceased brother's apartment burglarized

June 21, 3:43 p.m., 9000 Block of Greenwood Ave N -- A woman went to her deceased brother's house to find that items had gone missing, including a 20" color television, a small stereo system, two speakers and various clothing and household items.

She told the responding police officer that she suspected the woman who had been taking care of her brother's cat, but had no witnesses or specific evidence linking the friend. She suspected that the theft happened within the last week when her brother was gone, though she herself had not been in the apartment for a month.

When the police officer talked to the suspected friend, she denied taking anything and said she had given the keys over to the apartment manager after she learned of the death.

The police officer did not check for latent prints as the entry was not forced and the main suspect's entry to the apartment was legal.

How will she Facebook?

June 21, 6:10 p.m., 1100 Block of NW 58th St -- A woman was burglarized while she was away from home. The burglar made their way into the house via the rear door by breaking out the glass and unlocking the door. After a quick walk through, the owner showed that her lap top was missing.

An unsecured, dog-less house burglarized

June 21, 11:47 p.m., 300 Block of NW 74 St -- Residents of a house came home late at night to find their back door open someone had stolen several items, including two rings and a Macbook Pro Laptop. Their safe, which was in the closet before, was on the kitchen table.

Victims did not know how the burglar gained access, as there were several potential entry points, including a large dog door into the basement. They do believe that they may have interrupted the burglary judging from the number of valuables left behind and the sound of the back door shutting when they entered their home, though it could have been air suction from the front door opening, they said.

The responding police officer checked for latent prints but found none.

Love hath no fury ...

June 22, 1:50 a.m., 5400 Block of Ballard Ave NW -- Police officers responded to a call about a large fight disturbance on Ballard Ave and arrive to find two people on the ground unconscious.

The main victim, with whom the fight was started, said he was outside smoking with his friends when a petite white woman in her mid-20's with white blond hair approached him. She asked him to flirt with her to make her boyfriend jealous, but, according to the victim, he would have none of it.

She began to grab his arm, which apparently caught the attention of her boyfriend, a white male with a cream shirt and a neck tattoo. He whispered something into the ear of his friend, described as a heavy-set Hispanic male with a striped colored shirt on.

Then an old-fashioned "let's take this outside" bar brawl took place. (Excusing the fact they were already outside.) The boyfriend's friend punched the victim in the face, knocking him to the ground. Then the suspects continued to fight other people before they ran away from the scene, southbound.

The officer asked if the victim was injured and he said the side of his face had minor pain. He was treated and transported out by AMR. Other witnesses confirmed the victim's story.

A cell phone video recording part of the fight revealed that the fight seemed mutual based off comments that were made from spectators, though the video was dark and difficult to make out.

Multiple officers checked the area for the suspects but they were not located.

Uncle's flat screen television missing

June 22, 5:41 p.m., 100 Block of 1st Ave NW -- After being in Marysville for a while, a woman found her uncle's house burglarized. The glass on the detached door was broken and a flat screen television as well as some change were discovered missing.

Stolen bicycle blues

June 22, 7:28 p.m., 15 NW Market St -- A man, perhaps going on his first bicycle ride in a while, discovered that his bicycle had been stolen from the secure parking garage in his apartment complex. He said it must have been stolen in the last seven days and he has no idea who could have stolen it. Management offered him to park his remaining bicycles in a more secure area. The victim did not have a serial number for his stolen bicycle.

Man found intoxicated in planting strip, mugged by "some dudes"

June 23, 2:54 a.m., NW 87th St and 15th Ave NW -- An intoxicated man was found lying in a planting strip, shoeless and wallet-less, saying he had been mugged.

The caller said he had helped the man move from the middle of the street to the planting strip and said he found a pair of shoes in a parking lot that must have belonged to him. The caller said he had never met the man before and did not know what happened.

The victim had minor amounts of dried blood around his lips, his left ear canal area and on the left shoulder of his shirt. There was also a minor amount of fresh blood on his left ear canal. The victim, who had a one-inch cut on the top of his head, complained of transient pain on his left side, though nothing very specific. His breath reeked of a strong and obvious alcohol odor.

It took some prying and persistence on the police officer's part to understand what, exactly, had happened, as the victim had "difficulty completing a single strain of thought," according to the police officer.

Here is what the police officer got out of the victim: "some dudes" -- three unknown males -- yelled at him as he was walking on a sidewalk by Holman Rd NW on his way to the bar. When he left the bar, the men jumped him after a brief exchange that went like this:

Men: "Fuck you."
Victim: "Come bring it."

And, as the victim describes it, they "beat his ass."

Beyond that, the police officer was unable to obtain any further information, including description of the males, where the assault occurred, how he was assaulted or if his wallet was stolen during the assault. though the victim did say, "I don't know where my wallet is, they must have took it!" According to the victim, he had $200 in his wallet.

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