Psychic View: The Darker Side

By Marjorie Young

When people learn of my abilities, they often ask if I ever aid police in their investigations, as some psychics are known to do. The very thought makes me shudder; I have no desire to connect with ‘sinister energies’ that loom over violent crimes. Moreover, such situations are emotionally charged, making it difficult to achieve the required ‘detachment’ to ‘tune in’ with accuracy. However, there have unavoidably been occasions which require dealing with the more disturbing aspects of my work.

One unforgettable example took place during a phone reading with a woman in a southern state. While discussing her job, I intuited that she worked in a bank and had been recently promoted; yet the promotion had produced mixed feelings. The reason: she had taken the place of a colleague who had recently died. My client confirmed this, adding that her friend had committed suicide. At that moment, the ‘departed’ ‘manifested’ from the ‘other side.’ She clearly announced, with bitter vehemence, that she had not killed herself; rather, she had been murdered by her boyfriend, the local sheriff!

My client reacted with shock, confessing she’d always had suspicions that ‘Mary’s’ abusive ex might have caused her death. Mary now forcefully verified this, yet believed he would get away with murder, owing to his position in law enforcement. I encouraged my caller to contact outside authorities, but remain uncertain if she heeded that advice. Meanwhile, I can still feel the murdered girl’s outrage at being labeled a suicide, while her killer roamed free.

Another remarkable occasion, also over the phone, concerned a New England woman in her twenties. She requested that I focus on her career. Instead, I obtained information that she’d been molested by her violent, alcoholic grandfather from age six until his death when she was fourteen. This revelation came via the grandfather’s ‘spirit’ -- and a more sinister, repulsive being I can hardly imagine. He acknowledged what had transpired without even a hint of apology. I felt ‘contaminated’ merely by interacting with him. Meanwhile, I conveyed this ‘message’ to my client, who greeting my words with stunned silence. At last, after crying out ‘how could you know that!?’ she confessed the abuse had indeed taken place exactly as described; yet she had never revealed it to a single person! Of course, I recognized the true objective of this painful disclosure was to bring her the help and support she needed, and before hanging up, I had her promise to contact sexual abuse counselors in her area.

Another incident involved a woman whose brother’s murder had remained unsolved. The victim was able to communicate from the ‘other side,’ showing me exactly what had occurred and providing a measure of closure to his sister.

However, I’m delighted to report that the overwhelming majority of my readings are extremely uplifting and joy-filled! Yet these ‘darker’ episodes, though thankfully rare, still clearly serve a valuable, necessary purpose. Nevertheless, my passion is to focus on the creative, positive side of existence and happily leave the ‘crime fighting’ to others.

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