Police Blotter: Convicted felon arrested on Aurora with gun and drugs; woman fights off would-be abductor; big brawl in Greenwood-area bar

By Cassandra Baker

10:30 p.m., February 13. 73rd block of Aurora Ave N

Officers walking along Aurora arrested a convicted felon during patrol. They contacted the man inside a 7-11, and while they were talking to him, they noticed the outline of a gun in his waistband. The officers grabbed the man’s hands and extracted a loaded large-caliber revolver. The suspect was arrested for firearms violations. Further investigation revealed that the gun was stolen and that the suspect was carrying almost $5000 in cash.

Police obtained a warrant and searched the man’s vehicle, where they found methamphetamine, ecstasy, unidentified pills, and drug paraphernalia. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for unlawful gun possession, possession of a stolen firearm, and felony drug possession.

8:00 p.m., February 10. NW 85th St and 3rd Ave NW

A woman called police after fighting off a man who tried to abduct her. The victim was walking near the Greenwood Fred Meyer when a white van pulled up next to her. The passenger, a Hispanic male, said hi to her, then got out of the van and grabbed her, trying to force her into the van. He had a black ski mask pulled over his face. The victim fought the suspect off and managed to free herself. The suspect got back into the van, and the driver, another Hispanic male, sped off. The victim then called 911. The van is white and has the letters XYF spray-painted on the side in red. The suspects were not found in the area, and anyone with information is asked to call Seattle Police.

6:59 p.m., February 10. 53rd block of Tallman Ave NW

Police responded to reports that an intoxicated man was fighting security staff at Swedish Hospital on the evening of February 10. When officers arrived at the scene, they found the suspect handcuffed and lying on the ground.

The victim and witness, both security staff, told police that the suspect had been visiting a friend who is in critical condition, and staff began to suspect that he was sneaking alcohol to his friend. Security staff approached the suspect and tried to escort him out of the building, but he was intoxicated enough that he had trouble walking, so he was placed in a wheelchair and removed from the building. They left him outside and told him that he was trespassing.

When they had walked about 10 feet away from the suspect, he threw his backpack at them, and it hit the victim in the back. The suspect began fighting with both security officers, and they managed to handcuff him and restrain him on the ground until police arrived.

The two security guards said they were not seriously injured. They said they had had previous encounters with the suspect. They intended to search the hospital room of the suspect’s friend to see if there was any contraband.

The suspect was arrested and his backpack was taken into evidence. It contained several items, including a bottle of vodka, scissors, and several bottles of lotion. Officers also completed a new trespass warning for the suspect.

5:34 p.m., February 9. 15th Ave NW and NW Market St

Police responded to reports of an assault in downtown Ballard on the evening of February 9. The victim told the responding officer that the suspect beat him up and then hit him four or five times with a bottle. The officer found an empty vodka bottle in a trash can near the victim, but was unable to determine whether it was the bottle in question. The victim was extremely intoxicated and mentioned that he had recently gotten out of detox. He had trouble remembering what had happened and repeated that the suspect was “off the hook.” He could only describe the suspect as a white male, 165 lbs and wearing a trench coat. The suspect was not found in the area.

6:23 p.m., February 8. 15th block of NW 51st St

A man called police to report that his car had been stolen after he left it running while he went into his apartment. The victim said that he backed his car into the parking lot of his apartment complex and left it running while he went to pick up his uncle. He said that he opened his apartment door and was suddenly pushed or kicked by an unknown male. By the time the victim recovered, the suspect had stolen his car. He only saw the suspect from behind. The vehicle was not found in the area.

11:04 p.m., February 7. 85th block of Greenwood Ave N

Police responded to reports of a barroom brawl on the night of February 7. The caller was hysterical and said that at least four men were involved and one of them had a large piece of wood. The responding officers arrived at the scene to find a large crowd of people outside and a smashed front window. All of the people began shouting that the suspects had gone through the back door. Officers went to the back of the tavern and found one man running through a parking lot and another heading toward Phinney Ave N. They were unable to catch the suspects.

The complainant was the only person who was working at the bar that night. She said that the two suspects were playing pool and then got into a fight with one of the victims for unknown reasons. She said that the other victim was only trying to break up the fight. The complainant said that she told everyone she was calling 911, and while she was making the call, the younger suspect tore his shirt off and began throwing anything he could get his hands on—glasses, a beer pitcher, billiard balls—and throwing them against the wall. The suspect also threw two billiard balls at the window, breaking it.

The complainant described one suspect as a male in his 30s with short hair and an unknown word tattooed on his neck. The second suspect was an older Hispanic male with graying hair and wearing a white T-shirt.

Officers spoke with the victims. One of them said he got up to go to the bathroom when he thought he heard one suspect say the n-word. He confronted the suspect, who said that the victim was an n-word. The second suspect tried to mediate the conflict. The victim said he was still speaking with the second suspect when the first suspect swung a large piece of wood at his back, at which point a large fight started. The victim also remembered the first suspect ripping his shirt off and throwing things, and he said the first suspect also broke a pool cue over his leg. A second victim said that he came out of the bathroom and tried to intervene in the fight.

Most of the interior of the bar was destroyed, with broken furniture and drops of blood everywhere. Police found an iPhone that may have been left by one of the suspects. The first suspect’s ripped sweater was also submitted into evidence. The incident may have been caught on video.

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