Police Blotter: Violent customers arrested; nighttime meeting in Golden Gardens goes badly; man attacked with umbrella

By Cassandra Baker

8:29 p.m., February 3. 9th block of NW Leary Way

A convenience store employee called police after a violent customer threw a bunch of magazines at his face. He said that the suspect, whom he described as a white male in his 50s, threw several magazines at him and then walked to the store next door. Police responded to the scene and located the suspect, who was yelling and screaming. One of the officers recognized him as someone he had arrested six days ago for breaking property. The suspect would not obey officers’ commands and had to be forcibly handcuffed.

One of the officers spoke with the victim, who said that his boss had told him not to let the suspect into the store. He said that he had called 911 two other times because of the suspect. The victim said that the suspect entered the store and tried to buy a cigar, and when the victim told him to leave, he refused and began ranting and swearing at the victim. The suspect then grabbed several magazines and threw them at the victim’s face.

The officer took the victim to positively identify the suspect, and the victim told the suspect not to enter the store again. The suspect began swearing at the victim. The suspect was later booked into King County Jail for assault and criminal trespassing. The incident has been referred to the city attorney’s office.

8:00 p.m., February 2. Golden Gardens Park

A man called police claiming that a discussion over money turned into a violent robbery. The victim said that an acquaintance asked to meet him in the park at Golden Gardens to discuss money that the acquaintance owed him. When the victim arrived, he found that the acquaintance had brought two associates and one of them brandished a handgun and told the victim to “give them everything.”

The victim said that one of the suspects pistol-whipped him and stole his gold necklace and car. He said that the gun accidentally discharged when the suspect pistol-whipped the victim. He changed his story while talking with officers, first saying one suspect had held the gun and then saying that it had been a different suspect.

The only injuries the victim had were a small scratch and minor bruising. Seattle Fire treated him at the scene and determined that he did not need further treatment, not even a bandage. Officers asked the victim if drugs may have been involved in the incident, and he hesitated before saying that they were not. Police later checked the victim’s criminal history and found that he had over 50 prior arrests, the most recent of which were for narcotics violations. The investigation was ongoing at the time of the report.

1:13 p.m., January 30. 87th block of Greenwood Ave N

An employee at the Greenwood Safeway called police after an alcohol thief refused to leave and became violent. The victim said that the suspect had stolen alcohol from the store several times before. When the victim saw that the suspect was back, he told him to leave, but the suspect began yelling and knocking things off of shelves. When the victim again told him to leave, the suspect shoved him twice. The suspect then took a bottle of Bailey’s off of the shelf and began drinking it, and threatened to hit the victim in the head with it. He then fled the scene.

Two witnesses spoke with one of the responding officers about the incident. One of them said that he had just seen the suspect heading toward Aurora Ave. Two officers located the suspect on N 83rd St, and the victim was brought to the location, where he positively identified the suspect. Officers searched the suspect’s backpack and found the stolen bottle of alcohol. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for robbery.

7:56 p.m., January 29. 67th block of Greenwood Ave N

Police responded to a commercial burglary on the evening of January 29 and found that four individuals were detaining the suspect. The four witnesses said that they were at a nearby party when they found the suspect inside the restaurant and restrained him. The suspect had forced a window open with a knife and ripped off the burglar alarm pad on the wall. The suspect had told the alarm company that he was doing construction work when they called inside. He told the witnesses that that he was stopping a burglary.

The suspect appeared to be both high and intoxicated. There were three outstanding warrants on the suspect, including one for escaping the Department of Corrections. He was booked into King County Jail.

3:00 p.m., January 29. 15th block of NW 56th St

Police responded to reports of a confrontation outside a condo that turned violent on the afternoon of January 29. The responding officer spoke with the victim, who said that he worked for the building and noticed an unknown black male camping out in the parking garage area. He asked the male to move along, and the male relocated to the sidewalk, but then began yelling and screaming at the victim. He threw the chicken he was eating, and the victim asked him to move again, at which point the suspect hit him with an umbrella. The victim said that the suspect hit him three or four times before he managed to grab the umbrella and break it in half.

While the officer was speaking with the victim, a construction worker came over and said that the suspect had gotten onto a Rapid Ride bus heading north. The victim described the suspect as a black male in his 30s or 40s wearing a black puffy jacket and black pants. The suspect was not found in the area.

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