The Psychic View: Peak Experiences

by Marjorie Young

I’ve been blessed, on very rare occasions, with what I consider ‘Nirvana Moments’…when I mysteriously connect with something utterly beyond comprehension and expression; when ‘the painted veil, which those who live call life,” is lifted. These incidents, which manifest unbidden, have altered my life forever, thrusting me into a ‘reality’ never before imagined. The first occurrence took place when I was no more than five, in my Rhode Island home. Later on, the locale proved more exotic…a Hindu Temple on the outskirts of Kathmandu, inside an ancient tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. It would be futile to attempt to describe the glory and ‘validity’ of these moments, and that is not my intention here. Rather, I wish to raise the question…why does it prove impossible for such ‘revelations’ to endure? Why can’t we somehow remain in that state of ‘knowingness’ and ‘bliss’?

We need not confine the topic to the strictly spiritual or ‘otherworldly’ either. Most have had occasion to fall madly in love. The dazzling euphoria and rapture evoked is something that may also launch us into another level…heightening awareness of nature, life, as well as our beloved. All else may pale in significance when compared to our obsession and rapture. Later on, the object of our affection may tumble from his or her pedestal with a crash, causing ‘reality’ to deal us a powerful blow. And yet, even should that love continue throughout a lifetime, we cannot hope to maintain the singular, crazy, giddy, euphoric state initially enchanting us.

The question remains…why!? Perhaps mere humans are not meant to dwell on the ‘mountaintop.’ Clearly, frenzied exaltation is hardly ‘useful’ for our daily needs. Dealing with that deadline at work, picking up the kids from school, remembering our dental appointment…all that requires at least one foot (if not two) firmly on the ground. Yet, we should strive to never lose sight of those ‘peak experiences’ if we have been fortunate enough to have been gifted with them. We should preserve the memory, providing strength and inspiration for all we encounter in that everyday world. Yet, when our eyes have been opened, however briefly, to a more profound level of perception, it may also redefine our concept of ‘reality’: Is it the mystical or the mundane?

In my fantasy/adventure series, “The Boy with Golden Eyes,” the young hero, Rupert, continually seeks to discover ‘truth’ as his awareness expands. At the conclusion of the first installment, he undergoes a thrilling event where “All of life, of creation itself, seemed spread out before him, and never had it seemed so comprehensible, so certain, so wondrous.” And yet, Rupert acknowledges “life was not to be lived at this summit of clarity, but instead in the every-day world, and that world was fraught with peril, triumph, and testing.”

But let us, like young Rupert, use that ‘exalted moment’ as inspiration for all that follows, and to “welcome with courage and gratitude whatever awaits!”

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