Police Blotter: Man catches burglar in the act; man suspects former employee in burglary; Ballard Pool burglarized

By Cassandra Baker

11:51 a.m., January 14. 53rd block of Ballard Ave NW

A man called police to report that his business had been burglarized, most likely by a former employee. The victim said that there was no damage to the door that was the point of entry, and it was locked when he arrived at the business on January 13. He said he believed that the ex-employee had used his key to gain entry and then stole a camera and an iPod. The ex-employee had previously stolen some checks from the victim and then written them out to himself.

11:54 a.m., January 12. 67th block of Earl Ave NW

A man called police after he found two burglars in his home and caught one of them as the suspects tried to escape. Officers arrived at the scene and found the victim struggling with a female burglar behind the house. The suspect was taken into custody. One of the responding officers reported seeing a male in a red shirt running from the area. A K9 unit attempted to track down this suspect but was unable to locate him. The captured burglar was arrested and read her rights, and later booked into King County Jail.

The victim said he got out of the shower and found the two suspects in his living room. He said that he tackled one of them while the other fled. The pinned suspect yelled for help and tried to escape, but a witness heard the yelling and helped the victim subdue the suspect. The victim’s face was scratched, but he said he did not need medical attention.

Police investigated the scene and determined that the suspects had gained entry by breaking the glass pane on a side door. They went through several rooms in the house. Police found a backpack and box that contained stolen property, including jewelry.

1:16 a.m., January 9. NW 35th St and 1st Ave NW

Police responded to reports that a man was beating up his girlfriend on the night of January 9, but the alleged victim said that no assault had occurred. Officers arrived at the scene to find the subjects’ trailer at the intersection of 35th and 1st. A door was open and they could see a male and a female arguing. The female said that her boyfriend had not harmed her. She told police that she had recently arrived at the trailer with her friend, and the friend wanted to stay but she said no because her boyfriend was sleeping inside.

The friend refused to leave, and the argument woke up the boyfriend, who yelled for everyone to be quiet. The woman said that she told her friend to leave again, but the friend refused and pulled out a knife and became threatening. The woman also said that her friend had called police because she was angry at being asked to leave the trailer. Neither the woman nor her boyfriend had any injuries, and they said they did not want the suspect to go to jail. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.

5:24 a.m., January 8. NW 50th St and 15th Ave NW

Two police officers were on patrol when they observed a gas station with a broken front door and stopped to investigate. A store employee arrived and accessed the surveillance video, which showed a suspect arriving at the gas station at around 5:07 a.m. The suspect walked around the building several times, then picked up a rock and smashed the glass on the front door. The suspect reached through the hole in the door and pulled out a candy machine, then walked away. Police did an area search for the suspect and candy machine but were unsuccessful.

5:14 a.m., January 7. 14th block of NW 67th St

Ballard Pool was burglarized on the night of January 6. The suspect forced open a window to gain entry, then pried open a soda vending machine to access the cash box. Police lifted fingerprints from the vending machine and submitted them into evidence.

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