Police Blotter: An assault with a big stick? And polite robber has no luck

By Cassandra Baker

9:53 p.m., December 23. 87th block of 24th Ave NW

A woman called police on the night of December 23 when she began to fear that three men were attempting to abduct her and her boyfriend. Police arrived at the scene and were unable to locate anyone on the property. They knocked on the door to the residence and observed a male walking nearby. The man had dried blood on his face and a facial injury. Some of his knuckles appeared to be swollen.

Police attempted to speak with the victim, but he was incoherent, although he did not appear to be intoxicated. The victim did not want to answer questions, but he did tell police that he was walking outside with a flashlight and an unknown male attacked him. The victim was revealed to be the boyfriend of the complainant, and he said that she had seen everything and would be able to identify his attacker.

While officers were speaking with the victim, a woman later determined to be the victim’s girlfriend ran out of the residence and began making inconsistent and irrational statements to officers. When she observed the victim’s injuries, she began screaming that his tongue had been cut out. Fortunately, she was mistaken. She told police that three unknown males had come to the house to “stash bonds” in the garage. She provided vague descriptions of these men and said that one of them had a large stick.

Police examined the garage and found no signs of blood, although it did appear as though a transient had been living there. No evidence was found at the scene. The victim was taken to the hospital for further treatment; his girlfriend refused all treatment and became angry when asked if she was taking narcotics.

9:15 p.m., December 18. 87th block of Greenwood Ave N

A woman was able to repel a robber whose politeness outmatched his robbery skills. The victim told police that she left a store at around 9:15 p.m. on the 18th. A man followed her out of the store and called “ma’am” to her a couple of times, but she ignored him and got into her car. Before she locked her car, the would-be robber opened the driver’s side door and asked politely for her purse. The woman pushed him out of the way and closed the door. The man fled and climbed into an older beater pickup that had been blocking the victim’s exit, and the truck drove away.

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