Psychic View: Unexpected Guidance

By Marjorie Young

Since earliest childhood, there have been numerous episodes when an inexplicable ‘something’ altered my path. Some of these incidents proved life-altering…while others were less weighty. But I have learned, over a lifetime, to pay heed. Yet even someone like me, who readily accepts the reality of these ‘communications,’ may be required to relearn the lesson.

One recent (and, in retrospect, almost amusing) episode went as follows. Each morning, upon arising, I go jogging for about an hour, always taking the same route. One day, on my run through a peaceful, pre-dawn Ballard, I experienced an odd ‘force’ pushing me to a stop, then turning my body to face the corner I had just reached. Normally, I would have continued one block further before going left. There was nothing enigmatic about this directive – I was being emphatically ‘told’ to turn one block early. However, I could make no logical sense of this. There appeared nothing at all to merit alarm. The way ahead was quite deserted…not a single car, human being, roving band of raccoons, or anything else, loomed. I could not imagine where ‘danger’ might lurk - doubting some maniacal neighbor would shoot me from his living room window! And so, though the ‘dictate’ against going straight on had not subsided, I stubbornly continued forward.

Half-way down the block, several violent crows swooped down on my head and with slashing beaks and claws. One after another, they continued the rather terrifying assault…right out of Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Unable to turn back, I fled to the next corner, turned, and the flying ‘bombers’ at last relented. I survived, of course, amazed to see how trustworthy that improbable premonition had been! Had I heeded it, I’d have avoided becoming the ‘Tippi Hedren’ of Ballard, (yet, ironically, never received proof that actual had been lurking).

When casually recounting the incident to an acquaintance, she told of a similar happening, one with more dramatic consequences. ‘Annie’ is an artist who regularly walks to her studio via an accustomed route. One day, she also felt an ‘inner command’ to take a detour. The feeling was so profound she didn’t think to question it. Doing so, she soon heard muffled moans of pain. Tracking it down, she discovered a man trapped in the back of his truck…pinned down by a weighty load which had toppled over on him. He’d been stuck there helpless for some time, unable to summon help. Of course, Annie immediately did so, coming to the stranger’s rescue.

We compared notes on these rather bewildering incidents, marveling that a clearly intelligent ‘something’ had made its presence known in order to direct us. Upon reflection, this provides a marvelous source of wonder and mystery, demonstrating the multi-leveled conundrum forming our existence – challenging the borders of ‘reality.’ It is likely many of us have had similar experiences. And while the origin of these ‘missives’ remains open to speculation, we should not fail to hearken when they come calling.

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