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Anne Kennedy Brady stars as the entertainingly egocentric and modern Mabel Chiltern, and Aaron Lamb shines as Lord Goring, Oscar Wilde's flamboyant fictional twin.

Taproot finishes its 35th anniversary season with a Wilde witty satire

Taproot Theatre is closing its 35th anniversary season with Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband, a witty satire that examines Victorian England's high society, which the opening dialogue warns is entirely composed of "beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics".

An Ideal Husband tells the story of Sir Robert, a young, successful politician and seemingly ideal husband whose corrupt past comes back to hunt him, endangering his clean public and personal image.

Will the truth shatter his political career and marriage with his adoring and angelic wife, or will Sir Robert give in to blackmail to safe face?

While lesser known than The Importance of Being Earnest or The Picture of Dorian Grey, An Ideal Husband captures all of Wilde's wit and sparkle.

The fast-paced and dialogue-heavy play examines gender roles, morals, politics and marriage of 1890's England and the audience may be surprised to find that Wilde's observations are still very relevant today.

Director Karen Lund did a wonderful job in casting for this play. Nikki Visel who has given excellent performances in previous Taproot productions absolutely shines as the blackmailing, home-wrecking Mrs Chevely.

Ryan Childers gives a believable performance of a man torn between saving his career or his marriage as Sir Robert.

But the best entertainment came in the form of Lord Goring - Wilde's flamboyant fictional twin. Despite his lazy, privileged, and superficial nature, Aaron Lamb makes Lord Goring quite likable.

Nanetta Acosta also deserves praise for the wonderful Victorian costumes, especially the costumes.

While the first act was perhaps a bit too dialogue heavy and the cast stumbled over a line or two, it was all forgotten in the humorous second act in which the story takes all sorts of twists and turns. As the 35th season productions have shown, humor really is what Taproot does best and An Ideal Husband delivers with witty satire.

An Ideal Husband runs until October 22. Tickets are available online at and through Taproot Theatre’s box office, in person at 204 North 85th Street or by phone at 206.781.9707

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