Steve Shay
Mayoral candidate Mike McGinn on his battery bike near 15th Avenue Northwest, wants to set the record straight. He enjoys riding his bicycle and plans to pedal to appointments when practical if he wins the mayoral seat.

McGinn on biking

Some media outlets and Seattle voters have spread the rumor that if Mike McGinn is elected mayor, he will only use his bicycle for daily transportation. He said that's not true and wanted to set the record straight.

“Let’s put this story to rest,” said McGinn sporting a bicycle helmet with his two-wheeler at the ready with another day ahead filled with campaigning around the city.

“Even during my campaign I drive places,” said McGinn, a Greenwood resident. “Some places are too far to bike. But I do plan to bike when it makes sense. Short trips are often times faster by bike than by car. I started mainly for exercise. I discovered I really liked it, and saved money because I didn’t have to pay for parking and it's about as fast as the bus.

“But, yes, if elected, I do hope to bike as often as I can. You can just roll your bike on at a light rail stop, and also use those racks on buses. Of course there are some times you have to drive. That’s the way the city’s designed.”

McGinn also rides an electric pedal-assist bike.

“The electric bike gives me a lot more freedom,” he said. “I could bike around and get to events without being sweaty while going from event to event. Every once in a while some cyclist will say to me, ‘Hey, you’re cheating.’ The rider will give me a hard time. So, I have a stock answer, ‘I’m using a small electric motor rather than a large gasoline one.”

Mike McGinn enters a run-off election with Joe Mallahan in the Nov. 3 general election. Both beat Mayor Greg Nickels in the primary election Aug. 18.

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McGinn on "Biking"

This guy is such a phony.

McGinn tells citizens to "stay home"

The Seattle Times has an article on McGinn's intent to destroy the tunnel project and ultimately replace the viaduct with... nothing. Aside from the fact that his wish will never come to be (er.. mayors don't control the WA State Legislature) in the article he says he wants 50,000 cars to just "go away" and that if people don't start biking and taking the bus more, they should just "STAY HOME." His intention is to *wish* away all those cars and car drivers and make the citizens prisoners in their own homes and kill business in the city.

Maybe we should just go back to the horse and buggy. Would that satisfy him? Party like it's 1799, baby!

"STAY HOME". Wow. Interesting marketing campaign for the city you got there, Mike.

I can see the billboards at the city limits now: "Welcome to Seattle. Now STAY HOME!"