Michael Harthorne
Workers remove the Washington Mutual clock tower from the corner of 22nd Avenue Northwest and Northwest 56th Street May 20.

One removed landmark too many

Dear Editor,

As part of the transition to a Chase branch, the clock tower that had been at the Ballard Washington Mutual bank for 50 years was removed.

The community is upset. It's another Ballard landmark that has been taken down.

A representative at the bank said they took it down because it was old and they didn't want to put the money into it that it would take to repair it.

What's the price for having it in the community?

Chase didn't give any warning they were removing the clock tower. I found out when I walked by and it was being taken out.

If they are not willing to put the clock tower back where it was, they should pay to install it somewhere else in Ballard.

These are not just my words. There wasn't much left of Ballard to begin with.

Randi Hansen,

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Good riddance!

I have been living a few blocks north of the clocktower for over 20 years now, and I for one was glad to see it go! The clocktower was a huge eyesore and had no architectural nor cultural significance- it certainly wasn't a landmark.

They can do whatever they want to their property

It is their property, if you wan the clock so bad, PAY and have it install someone else. Why does anyone have to cater to YOUR needs?

Wamu TRUTH...Please Help...Wamu TRUTH...

Jamie Dimon planted "moles" in Wamu??? JPMorgan committed corporate fraud???

Chase are jerks but

Are you seriously convinced that a crummy clock tower from a bank that represents the largest bank collapse in history, should be kept up by a company that bought the failed bank? This clock tower and the ugly Wamu/Chase building there do not represent old ballard. I think it is hilarious that you spent time to write this letter to the editor.

Chase robbed & raped WAMU

Chase robbed & raped WAMU and it's all legally assisted by the FDIC, Federal Reserve, Treasury, Congress , and main stream media. I don't understand why people still hold account with them. They should all take their money and go to a community bank. Local credit union are aways a safe bet. People should help promote the moving of accounts to local credit union. This would definite say to Chase, "hey, you're a crook and we won't put up with your executive criminal activities!"

JPMorgan Chase robbed, raped & hurt WAMU

I had been banking with WAMU since 2003 and i loved that bank very much. When it got seized on September 25, 2008, i was started to get a feeling that something is not right, when me and my boyfriend was watching it on the WPIX CH 9 News. My boyfriend was also a WAMU customer and he felt sad about that. I believed that JPMorgan Chase committed fraud by stealing the Washington Mutual's records so that the WAMU customers will withdraw the $16.7 billion dollars and so that the FDIC will sell the Washington Mutual Bank to them for $1.9 billion dollars. A bankruptcy court judge Marry Walrath in WILMINGTON, Delaware, on Wednesday May 20 said she may rule by this month on efforts by Washington Mutual Inc to get back more than $4 billion in cash deposits to which it lost access when the bank was sold to JPMorgan Chase & Co last year. It's very very sad that the clock got taken down and the wamu employees were very nice people.

Ugly clock

I think all this talk of conspiracy is a bunch of nonsense. if Kerry killinger hadn't run the company into the ground, the FDIC would not have seized it.

The building and the clock are both an eyesore and need to be tore down.

Beautiful Clock

Kerry Killinger didn't run the company to the grown. Look up - WAMurape, WAMUstory and WAMUqd in any internet browsers.

Beautiful Clock ! :-)

NO ! Kerry Killinger and his executives didn' t drove WAMU into the ground !

JPMorgan lied to the regulators:


Ugly clock

It was only right twice a day

The clock was broken. A fairly apt metaphore for WAMU, something completely broken that a bunch of people keep pointing to as "real Seattle" without giving any notice that it does not work anymore! Thank goodness that Chase came in (as THE ONLY bidder for the bankrupt bank) or anyone who had more than $100,000 in the bank would have lost it all.

So Nicole, when the bank was seized you "started to get a feeling somethng was not right" that is incredibly perceptive. When you see something burst into flames or hurdle down a cliff does that get your spidey sense a-tingling too? The bank was insolvent. It became insolvent through a series of terrible management decisions not through some criminal mastermind.