Michael Harthorne
Alexander watches as his friend steals another student's lunch on the bus.

Bullying is a no-no, even for a knight

Through the overactive imagination of a fifth-grader named Alexander, a knight with a backpack for a shield and an umbrella for a sword, Ballard students learned that bullying, and allowing bullying, is not right.

On May 15, the Road Company of Greenwood's Taproot Theatre performed "Alexander and the Dragon" for the students at North Beach Elementary.

The play is based on curriculum on bullying prevention developed by the Committee for Children, a Seattle-based non-profit organization.

It follows Alexander, a fifth-grader who likes to pretend he is a knight. On the first day of school, he watches as his friend bullies another student. Alexander is stripped of his knighthood for not doing anything about the bullying and must find a way to earn it back.

"Alexander and the Dragon" is fun and entertaining, but the Committee for Chilrden curriculum makes it effective, Road Company member Soloman Davis said.

After every performance, the company members have a dialogue about the performance with the children.

"Some students just want to know how we change costumes," Davis said. "But, some want to know what to do about problems with specific bullies."

The Road Company has performed "Alexander and the Dragon" more than 70 times and does approximately 250 educational performances per year, Davis said.

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Bullying doesn't really happen all that often. Things like this are a waste of time when kids should be learning useful skills at school.

Bullying happens all the time

Do you live on planet Earth?

My son went through a highly

My son went through a highly volatile bullying situation in fourth grade and my daughter's best friend just dealt with it this year in third grade. The fiftha nd 6th graders at their school just lost all computer privledges becausr of the cyber bullying that they were iengaging in during class time on school property. Bullying IS happening and it is pervasive. And now it is being enhanced by computers and cell phones. Children are kiling themselves because they cry out for help and get no response. Plays like this are not just "nice" for the community they are life saving. Thank you.