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Ballard Partnership For Smart Growth
Portland loo is designed for individual use and low maintenance.

Don't forget to send comments for the potential public loo in Ballard

The Ballard Partnership For Smart Growth (BPSG) and the Seattle Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) Public Space Program asked for public feedback last February in order to identify a preferred location and design for a permanent public restroom in Central Ballard.

Comments are still being accepted, and as the community responds, the Ballard News-Tribune checked in with Mike Stewart, Executive Director of the Ballard Chamber of Commerce.

Stewart said that the BPSM and the City are depending on the public to voice where the public restroom will reside and what it will be. At this time there is no preference for the restroom location. Also, Stewart said the bigger picture for the toilet is really a matter of maintenance.

“First we need to ensure there is good consensus in the community and then there’s work to be done with the City of Seattle in acquiring finances. Then a maintenance plan needs to be made. That’s a really crucial point to the project,” said Stewart.

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