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At Large In Ballard: The Beavers always win

By Peggy Sturdivant

I don’t know why I love quotes about beavers. My favorite is from a woman who had a run-in with one on her property, “I’ve lost all respect for beavers,” she was quoted as saying about the incident.

Let me go on record, I will never lose my respect for beavers. Have you seen their work by the pond at Golden Gardens lately? Which brings me to my second favorite quote (regarding the animal not any of the high school teams), “the beavers always win.” I recall that was a response from Seattle Parks in a 2014 interview.

Between the first settlers who logged Ballard for timber, and the large rodents who started and continue it, I would never bet against a beaver. In fact Ballard High School’s choice of the beaver as mascot could be a sign of its brilliance. Which brings us to the Golden Beavers. Hello BHS Class of ’67. You can finally join the Golden Beavers Association.

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