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Video tour of the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

Sex center heating things up in Ballard

Sex. No other word like it captures the entire breadth of human experience from procreation to pleasure. In many circles it is a means to an end, to some an act of pleasure, however, to others it provides a platform for experimentation and expression. But just how far can experimentation go before it brushes up on taboo, and how does taboo sit in a community?

That’s just the case in Ballard as the Center for Sex Positive Culture moves into a warehouse near the Ballard Bridge. The new arrival to Ballard has some longtime neighboring business owners frustrated.

Dick and Kathleen Waller have owned and operated United Electric Motors in Ballard for the last 15 years. The Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) has reported on their website that they are moving to at 1514 N.W. 46th St., which is next door to the Waller’s business. The space is around 9,500 square feet and was listed for around $1.10 a square foot a month.

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