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Shane Harms
Owner, Dan Murphy (left) with General Manager, Adam Herlihy and Chef Mark Berlin (right)

New eatery celebrates lumber industry roots and Pacific Northwest

Among many names for Ballard like “Snoose Junction” and “Gilman Park,” readers may not be privy to the fact that Ballard was once named “the shingle capital of the world” because of all the lumber and shingle mills that took up shop here. The industry was so successful that it rivaled even the maritime industry in jobs and culture.

It’s no wonder that Ballard resident and owner of The Ballard Loft, Dan Murphy, has opened a new restaurant that celebrates the lumber and shingle industry.

Shingle Town Northwest Pub and Eatery (2016 NW Market Street) opened mid- month and already Ballardites are clamoring to find a seat. On a Friday night it’s becomes a wilderness of patrons savoring pacific northwest inspired cocktails and dining on dishes sources from the region.

The space is vibrant, clean and the exposed wood and shingles lining the bar harkens to a different time when the mills rattled and Cedar dust flew. The bar itself has the iconic timber saw image imbedded in it. Indeed, Shingle Town is a space that celebrates not only Ballard but also the region as a whole.

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