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Marjorie Young

The Psychic View – Guilt Traps

By Marjorie Young

The news was grim, as is so often the case these days. A suicide bomber had attacked a sold-out Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. As a pop star with a huge following among teens and tweens, it was inevitable there would be very young victims among those injured or killed.

The aftermath of such events are manifold of course. But one certainty is that devastating and unrestrained guilt is bound to emerge. The bitter irony is that it will not be visited upon those responsible for the outrage, but rather the innocent who have no hand in what occurred. Certainly Ariana Grande will know a crushing sense of responsibility, thinking ‘my fans wouldn’t have been in harm’s way if they hadn’t come to see me.’ Indeed, the rest of her European tour has been suspended. And without question, parents are now agonizing over permitting their kids to attend the ill-fated concert. One distrait mother, whose fifteen-year-old daughter was among the missing, vowed that if she comes home, she’ll never, ever let her out of her sight again.

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