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Shane Harms
The Macefield’s home will be demolished after 90 days if no qualified donation recipients are determined.

Edith Macefield house to be moved or face wrecking ball

The listing broker of the famous Edith Macefield house announced today that there are plans for the home to be either relocated or demolished within 90 days.

Broker, Paul Thomas, wrote in a statement that because of the age and condition of the house, the owners have determined that it is not cost effective for anyone to use the home in its current location.

“After reviewing the situation, the seller has reluctantly concluded that their best option is to donate the house, ideally to a non-profit, and then sell the land,” wrote Thomas in a statement.

Thomas reported that buyers are deterred from purchasing the home because of the cost of the work that would need to be done to bring it up to the 2012 housing code.

“It is really discouraging that developers can find ways to build multiple tall and skinny houses on a single residential lot but bringing new life to Edith Macefield’s house isn’t financially viable because there are so many hurdles.”

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