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Bonnie and Clyde standoff ends in arrest in Broadview neighborhood

Early this morning, Seattle Police announced that they arrested a man and a woman -- two felony suspects -- after a close to seven hour standoff.

The Major Crimes Task Force witnessed the two suspects enter an abandoned home near North 132nd Street and Greenwood Avenue North.

The suspects were wanted for connection to auto thefts and a recent violent robbery.

After detectives saw the 29-year-old female and 32-year-old male suspect enter the home, they immediately called for back up.

During the standoff, officers tried numerous strategies to convince the suspects to come out of the house. They called the suspect’s cell phones, used loud speakers, and even threw a phone into the house to make contact with the suspects. At one point a relative of one of the suspects spoke to them through a loud speaker in an attempt to coax them out from their hiding.

Since the home was close to Broadview-Thomson Elementary School, students were sheltered in a secure area during the stand off.

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